Michigan to host Virginia in Big Ten-ACC Challenge


Have a feeling M and Duke will square up this year in ACC/BIG challenge


Rothstein tweeting matchups and Illinois got Cuse. Definitely seems like a fit given who has been announced so far

Has UVA been matched up yet?

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North Carolina @ Indiana
Michigan State @ Notre Dame
Georgia Tech @ Iowa
Penn State @ Clemson
Maryland @ Louisville
Pitt @ Northwestern
Boston College @ Nebraska
Syracuse @ Illinois
Minnesota @ Virginia Tech
Rutgers @ Miami

So OSU still out there, which seems like a potential fit for Virginia too since OSU just got Duke. Somebody isn’t going to get a matchup though, right? Can’t see that being one of Michigan and OSU.


Vecenie’s 2022 mock that came out summer 2021 had Ivey, Houstan, Murray all top 20. Also mentioned LIddell. Christie and Diabate were on his first big board. The surprising rises this year in the B1G were Davis (at least to the extent of being a lottery pick, he was a breakout candidate) and Branham


WF @ Wisconsin now too

No, there are more teams in the ACC than B1G. Every B1G team plays

Ah, had it backwards. Thought Notre Dame made them 13, not 15.

So we’ve got Duke, Virginia, NC State, and FSU left in the ACC, and Purdue, Michigan, and OSU in the B1G.

Yep that podcast episode is exactly what I was thinking of. Haha. That and hyping up Tarris’ shooting.

Gonna guess we host UVA, Purdue at FSU, OSU at Duke.

Illinois is hosting Cuse

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Illinois matched up. I think we’ll get FSU, Duke, or UVA.

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Considering we already are playing @UNC (essentially) and vs. UK, I do NOT want Duke, esp since it’d be on the road. That’s 3 likely L’s


I want the big games. We saw that you can make the tourney with early losses this past year. If they go 1-2 they’ll be fine.

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Teams left:

Michigan, OSU, Purdue

FSU, UVA, Duke

Purdue played home vs. FSU last year, OSU played home vs. Duke. So OSU can play @ FSU, Purdue play @ Duke, and Michigan vs. UVA, all without any doubling up on home/road. Final prediction. Don’t mess this up

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I’d rather not play two road games against top 5 teams and another neutral vs. top 10. That’s probably a 35% chance of 0-3, 50% chance of 1-2, and 15% chance of 2-1 or better? Don’t love those odds


Purdue @ FSU, so they opted to do the rematches. Which means it should be OSU @ Duke.

Apparently Duke and Purdue are in the same bracket in PK85 so that explains that

Michigan is really about to play @ UNC and @ Duke back to back years. After getting their home game cancelled in 2020