Michigan State Discussion 2018-19


Our defense is designed to not overhelp, that’s probably going to keep lending itself to some big individual nights for stars that can get theirs on their own. That strategy (and the guys’ execution) is stifling to role players though.


I am pretty sure you are wrong but we will see. Ward hates going against Teske offensively, I think. I took note of it when they went against each other last time and have specifically asked others if they agree.

I agree though that it is good to make Ward guard the perimeter which is where Livers might be able to offset Ward but Teske should be able to do a very good job of making things difficult for Ward on the offensive end.


As much as possible, I’d like to get Ward somehow switched onto Jordan Poole. That would be hilarious.


Please god let that happen!


Michigan has a nice interior defensive combination with two huge tree trunk defenders and an athletic big to throw at him. That’s a lot of energy that he’ll have to contend with. And Johns is also available and has a few weeks to develop before MSU. Ward will have his hands full.


given that award played 24 minutes across the two games, Teske 22, and the two didn’t have significant overlap, I’m not sure there is much to say about how they matchup.

What’s obvious is that Ward’s minutes were limited because he got put on a highlight reel against Wagner and could stay on the floor.

The bigger issue is if Michigan can spread MSU out of their super-effective Ward/Tillman frontcourt, or if they bludgeon us into playing Livers over Ignas.


i agree. Tillman seems like he could do a pretty decent job of staying in front of Iggy/Livers.


Random: If you’re MSU, do you have Cassius guard Charles in our matchup?


Winston on Charles would be a risk, Charles could post him up, pretty easily.


Charles post-up fadeaway jumper is probably best case scenario for MSU


Winston on X
Langford on Poole
Mcquaid on Matthews
Ahrens or Goins on Iggy
Ward on Teske


I might switch McQuaid and Langford. Gun to my head I’d say the former is a better defender. Close though.

Iggy’s gonna be the best matchup IMO.


Yeah, I think Izzo will be smart enough to put McQuaid on Poole. McQuaid might even get moved onto X, if he’s dealing like he did against Illinois