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Teske’s defense does seem to frustrate Ward. If Livers is healthy maybe he can drain a bunch of 3’s from the 5 spot!

Can’t wait to watch it unfold.


I worry about our depth. Everyone needs to stay healthy. Everyone needs to stay out of foul trouble. Hopefully nobody fouls out. No overtime games please. It just feels like a lot finger crossing to me.

I love our first 7 and hope we can develop the 8th and 9th men soon!


Agree - depth, FT shooting, and I suppose 3pt shooting are still concerns that will cost us a game or 2. The Livers back issue is my biggest concern. But man, Eli has stepped his game up so dramatically. I fully trust him in his role…funny that 6 months ago many assumed he was a definite transfer at years’ end.

I certainly hope another guy can emerge out of necessity, but my guess is it will just be minutes from Davis that we cross our fingers things don’t go off the rails when he plays.


Michigan vs MSU this year is going to be tightly contested. A battle. I expect MSU will have the same game plan as last year. Pound it inside and get M in foul trouble. Key for M, just below transition D, is defending without fouling.


I worry I came across negatively in some other places, so I should add: Michigan is really good this year!

Edit: off topic so I deleted some things.


Tough to say if we’re overrated. The way Michigan looked early was impressive. If they find that stride again then Michigan is truly a top team.


If we lose today then it is fair to say we were a tad ovverrated right now.


Guess Michigan has no chance in EL guys, that’ll save me two hours watching that game.

In all seriousness, I don’t get the Michigan could be overrated talk at all above. They just went to the NC game and are what, 29-1 now in last 30? They’re not going to get up for the December buy-in games.


What a strange comment to make on January 6th. This MSU team isn’t one of the all time greats or anything.


Actually, I think Michigan could be a little overrated. I think we are definitely top 15 and probably top 10, but I am not sure we are top 5.


Definitely a strange comment but seems like a strange guy ha.


Why though? Only notion that could give someone pause is how they played in December.

Putting aside the rankings, I don’t think there’s that many elite teams this year, and I think Michigan is one of the elite.


Calling teams overrated or underrated is overrated. Michigan and MSU are both dangerous, tough teams to play, and they know how to win


What a weird thing to say by that guy. MSU has lost at least one game at home for 10 straight years, including last season’s “greatest team ever” and other highly thought of teams. Why would this season be any different?

Talking heads gonna talk.


“Talking heads gonna talk” sums it up perfectly.


College hoops talking heads can’t help themselves. If MSU gives them any reason to hype them up, they will go overboard with it. Happens every year. They looooove Tommy.


Worried about Nick Ward, I’m not sure how we can stop him

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Big Ten Discussion

We will not stop Nick Ward but Teske will slow him down. Nick ward hates going against Teske’s defense. Nick Ward hates guarding perimeter 5’s who can shoot (Livers). I do fear he would abuse Johns with his low post positioning, at this point, but I sure hope Teske and Livers are healthy for those games.


Ward feasts on Teske-like players. The way you beat Ward is getting him away from the basket and making him guard the perimeter. Livers will be a major key against both Ward and Tillman.


Don’t have to beat Ward just the team.