Michigan State Discussion 2018-19


That chart does not include the last two games.



This seemed kind of inevitable as more time went on without an answer


Josh is a great young man and I wish him well! I still wish he would have gone blue, but…let’s hope he recovers completely!


Puts alot of pressure on Winston and Ward to play well night in and night out or for one of the role players to step up.


Disappointed for Langford and MSU. They are a fierce and bitter rival, but I do not wish injuries on them. I hope he makes a full recovery for next season.


So, conclusion, MSU is definitely better without Langford, right?


Too soon perhaps.


If they win the national title, yes.

If they lose the Big Ten by 2 games and go 0-2 against Michigan and lose in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament to a 7 seed, JOSH LANGFORD WAS THE KEY TO MSU’S SEASON


On defense, yes.


When this happened to Caris, Izzo said that it was because Caris was working too hard.


Full Izzo quote from back then:


Little Tommy has to make everything about himself.


A reminder that sometimes it is better to just keep your true feelings to yourself when a microphone is in front of you.


The question is, does anyone (I’m looking at you bfquinn) have the stones to raise this with Izzo? I’ll bet not.


Posted 6 days ago, does it include Iowa blowout?


It says through January 24th so that would include the road beatdown of Iowa which occurred that day (and is probably why it was highlighted since MSU obliterated the KenPom prediction in that game).


I know it’s probably happened before, but when is the last time an opponent got 20 offensive rebounds at Breslin against MSU?


Michigan’s loss to Iowa is palatable now that MSU lost to IU. Thank you basketball gods.

Which team is looking more vulnerable now? I’d say MSU. Too Winston dependent, and not all that defensively. They may languish without Langford as the season progresses. Wouldn’t mind them losing 7 in a row like Indiana :slight_smile:

As far as M…I wouldn’t be surprised to here some “two feet in the paint” talk from Coach Beilein. Offensively they need to strike a balance, and I’m not sure how they do this. I think there is a bit too much Simpson and Teske action.

The bench: more shots from Livers, more getting in the lane from Livers. Rest of the bench can’t create or score. Brooks is broken. Like others, I like what I see in the short stints from Castleton. Let him play a little. He’s def not intimidated out there even when he’s physically outmanned.

Earlier in the week I thought 17-3 would be needed to win the league; oh boy, I need to backtrack now as I laugh at myself.


Back in '13-'14, North Carolina had 16 in a 79-65 defeat of MSU. That’s about the closest I can find.