Michigan players listed on Moneyball rosters

Zavier Simpson, Adrien Nunez, David DeJulius and Isaiah Livers are listed on rosters for the Moneyball Pro Am. https://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/sports/college/msu/mens-basketball/2019/06/24/moneyball-pro-am-basketball-schedule-roster-2019/1546333001/

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Last time that Michigan players played at Moneyball was before the 2016-17 season, I believe. Most U-M players bailed after a week or two.

Why are MSU players so prevalent in this?

It is in Lansing.

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The team with Kay Felder, Xavier Tillman, Devin Oliver, Jalen Hayes seems stacked.

Also - Taylor Currie sighting!!

Yeah, didn’t feel it was worth the ride to play pick up ball.


I thought it was because they weren’t barely getting the ball Intentionally.


I am going to follow Currie, he could become a prospect after a year in JC.

Is this basically like the Drew but with fringe-ier pros?

Yeah, it is a pro-am. Just like the Drew. Usually the bigger pro-ams are in major cities but this event always draws a lot of MSU players (because it is in Lansing). Guys like Jabari Parker have even showed up for a game in the past.

It is kind of a running joke that MSU players look amazing at Moneyball in the summer (i.e. one year Tum Tum made half of his threes).


I’m expecting lottery buzz for Tillman after his 3 point Moneyball exhibition.


Graham Couch was CERTAIN that Nick Ward would have a jumper this year based on Moneyball, lol.


Yeah, I thought I once read that on a site as well…that the Michigan players were getting frozen out.

Good luck freezing out X


DDJ and Rocket watts on the same team and there’s only one basketball…

Yeah if they took him only to make him play off-ball they’re gonna have a rough time.

Tuesday the 9th X plays Winston’s team…

Uh uh. I don’t see that happening.

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This Thursday I think X plays Foster Loyer’s team. That would be must see if they matchup all game.


It is ridiculously guard-oriented and defense-free. I sat next to Mo after what ended up being the last game Michigan players attended and he didn’t sniff a touch he didn’t get himself.