Michigan Players in the NBA

“Do your job, son”


Franz is on NBATV right now.

Moussa Diabate has not played since the prior update.

Caleb Houston played in 5 of the Magic’s games since the last update, getting up to a minute played in 3 of those 5. Unfortunately, he was 0/4 from the floor in 45 total minutes. He did commit 7 fouls though?

A hip injury has kept Isaiah Livers out of the past 4 games. In the three games he played since our last update, he averaged about 29 minutes, 11 points, and 4.3 rebounds. He was only 4/17 from 3 (23.5%), but did shoot 10/19 from 2 in this stretch. Because he doesn’t get to the line, it took him 36 shots to get his 33 points, which isn’t the greatest efficiency.

Unsuprisingly, Franz Wagner played all seven of the Magic’s contests in the past 2 weeks. He scored 18.4 ppg, shooting 49.1% from the floor and 30.6% from three, a pretty significant step back from his prior form behind the arc (he had spent the 2 weeks leading in and out of the ASG shooting over 40%). He did goose efficiency by going 13/16 from the line. He also has shown some more peripheral activity, posting 5 games with over 4 assists and 3 games with over 8 boards. He turned in a 17/8/6 (on 10 shots) in a victory over the Heat, and more recently a 21/8/7 in a narrow loss to the Lakers.

Jordan Poole continues to struggle shooting the ball, with FT’s really saving his offensive efficiency. He shot 41% from the floor since our last update, but a decent 36% from 3. His attempts have gone down by about 3 per game (close to 8 per game to close to 5) which is slightly driven by a drop in playing time (about 4 minutes less than his season average) but mostly due to more judicious selection, aiding his three point efficiency. He scored 16 ppg in the last 2 weeks along with 5 assists per game and 3 assists. His A/TO ration was greatly aided by his past 2 games in which he dropped 14 assists to 2 turnovers (he shot 7/21 in these two games, so you can’t have everything). The 45% mark from 2 over the past 2 weeks is his main weakness in what has mostly been a strength the past two years - Poole has basically shot 54% inside the arc since his terrible rookie year.

It looks like Mo Wagner picked up some lind of a minor injury (can’t find what), playing only a shift on 3/16 (6 minutes), and missed the next two games. In the 4 games he did play 10+ minutes in, he scored 11.5 ppg in less than 17 minutes per game - pretty solid clip. He also took in 5 boards per game in the span, and only committed 3 total fouls! He shot 50% from the floor, and managed 16 foul shots in 67 minutes.

Caris Levert continues to fluctuate wildly! After arguably his worst 2-week stretch of the year, he shot the “poo” out of the ball in the past two weeks. Caris scored 18 ppg in the six games, shooting 54.3% from the floor and 51.3% from 3. He’s juiced this with 5 assists per game. He’s still coming off the bench, but he’s getting more time at this stage than starting 3 Isaac Okoro.

Tim Hardaway Jr. started this span scoring 23 points on 15 shots, played poorly the next game, missed the next with “flu like symptons”, came back and played poorly for two, and is out again with “flu like symptoms”. He shot 36% from the floor in this span. Tim is having a rough run of overall (and unrelated) health issues for 2 years now.

Duncan Robinson played 5 minutes since our last update and missed 3 three-pointers.


I like how this JC clip is considered Michigan players in the NBA. Too soon


Man…tough year for Diabate. Between the G-League and NBA he’s basically played the same number of games as Michigan did this year. I know he’s making $500k this year and didn’t want to do school…but doesn’t seem like he landed in a very good spot to be developed this season.


Yeah he’s been in a worst case scenario I think where the health of the big club is so absurd that they need his body to field ten people often enough, but he’s also mostly not playing.

Worth noting Houstan is less than 60% of the minutes he got at Michigan too, and has basically not been in the G league.

I think this, guys like Dalen Terry (I’m a bulls fan so that’s off the top of my head) are financially served by going, but I’ll be interested to see what happens in their careers long term.

Moving into editorializing mode - he got his money but I’m very interested about what the next year brings for Jordan Poole. I’m not sure the Warriors are going to keep paying a guy they won’t give over 15 playoff minutes a game to.

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i, for one, think it’s hilarious that michigan has had multiple guys in the past few years get $90m+ contracts only to immediately make it clear that they don’t play playoff winning basketball

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Dylan linked this in the draft thread, both Diabate and Houstan are mentioned, but everything written about Keels applies to Diabate.

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One eligible for NIL, one is not.


More saying his pro situation matches Keel’s

Houstan signed an NBA deal not a two way


Worried about Moussa. Understand the decision to go pro completely but the guys is playing so little. I don’t know if this is correct but it feel like the worst of all worlds to be #12 on the NBA roster and that Moussa would have been better off getting the G league minutes. No paycut for him to go to G league, right? His deal is guaranteed I think.

Anyway, obviously the long play and the big money play is the second contract. I would think w very limited practices at NBA level that lots if G league is better for a developmental guy who needs to improve to get that contract, but that could be totally wrong.

He’s on a two way so his salary fluctuates based on days of NBA service.

I think he’s more like the 14th man but due to their load management, thats high enough to have great seats at Staples.

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What do you mean worried? He will make a fine living in basketball one way or another. Even if he doesn’t stick in the NBA his pedigree is more than enough for some good European contracts

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I think the argument is that Diabate has the physical tools to be an NBA player if he gets taught anything. I’m honestly less concerned about Keels because he got the whole G League season

I want my guy to drink real Champagne for breakfast on his off days and forget which Bugatti these keys go with. Moussa was an absolute sweetheart in every public appearance. I’m sure he isn’t totally perfect but I’m hoping for the best things for him.


Real champagne can be easily be found in the French league!

But I’m rooting for Moussa to make it in the NBA.

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Yeah, but you can get champagne method stuff that’s just as good for half the price in the Spanish league.

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Not anymore. Two way guys get 500(ish)K a year regardless of time spent in the nba or g league