Michigan Players in the NBA

darn you for making me think that a) the pistons had boban and 2) livers was going to play in his place in the lineup


Damnit I always get those names mixed up!
The next time I get it right will be the first, I need to be better


I wonder how much Diabate is going to make in salary this season. Not that I expected him to play much as a rookie, but he’s played 172 minutes all season.

That is exactly the type of kid NIL should benefit. I know he’s not a US citizen and that’s a problem, but imagine if he was getting some NIL and our starting four this year. If he has a good year, we probably flip maybe 3-4 B10 games and are fighting Purdue for the banner? Maybe he gets picked next year in the first round and gets a better salary?


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$508,891 according to hoopshype.

I think Diabate hasn’t been well served by the system this season.

Because the Clippers are team load management, they had him hanging around not playing a bunch, instead of the G-League…so he’s only played about half the games of his G League team - about 330 minutes

It’s a lot of just not playing for him.

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on the other hand, being on the nba roster means a lot more money, right? and that was, quite understandably, his primary motivation last summer, so it kinda worked out?


Well, there are a couple ways to looks at it. First, if his citizenship meant there was no way to “legally” get him NIL then obviously he did well. The other benefits of going ASAP is that you accelerate your second contract… assuming you even get one. (Iggy and DJ)

But if NIL was an option let’s say he got $150k…a number I just made up as a wild guess. So he’s out $400k. That’s a lot for most people. But what if he played himself into a pick in the mid 20s this year. Gamble for sure…but those guys get $2.5M. Thats a huge jump! Even the 30th pick gets $1.8M. There’s a risk you don’tove up that far or even drop, but you don’t have to move up that far to make up your lost wages.

right, but the story on him was he needed money for his family fast, right? that extra year is an extra year without that money, in addition to the gamble of maybe you get injured or something.

Yeah, I know. I also don’t think Michigan. Was going to find a way to pay him either.

I think my broader point, perhaps in the context of Jett and Kobe, is that sometimes getting to the NBA isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Unfortunately, Diabate hasn’t had a great season even if that $500k is nice. Hopefully he’s developing despite the scant minutes and will work out in the future.

I just wish NIL could have been an option to address some of his financial needs while he solved our PF problems and maybe played himself into a better NBA situation.


The sooner the realize that they will most always choose the NBA as soon as the NBA will have them the better. It is a tale as old as time in this sport.

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That’ll get you a 2 bedroom apartment in Mar Vista.

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Rumor on Diabate also was that he was done with classes. Most high-level hoops players don’t love class, let alone when you’re taking them in your second language


It was a very streaky night of shooting, with more misses than makes, but Isaiah Livers set a new career-high for points with 18.


man, you can tell how many quotes livers gives JLE, because JLE loves him. I do, too, but even I’m surprised by how many athletic articles have been written about livers :joy:


My man called him Liver twice.


Isaiah “Chopped” Liver


He’s also a good interview. Well spoken, plugs into off-the-court issues.


Auto-correct issue. The article hasn’t been published yet.

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He later tweeted about autocorrect.

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