Michigan offers three-star forward Jace Howard

Forget it.

The actual season can’t get here fast enough.


If I was to guess, the other poster is resorting to the usage of “glue guy” as a term to describe a lower talented athlete whose importance to the team is greater than his/her skill level and statistical production would indicate. It’s kind of become sports parlance of the southern saying “bless his heart” … or to describe the player who “hustles all the time” but just isn’t talented enough to be a star. By that definition, everyone on the Duke or Kentucky rosters are too high profile to qualify as “glue guys” … well, outside of the walk-ons. :laughing:


So who were their glue guys?

Jack White, Alex O’Connel, Marques Bolden


Seems like the downside here to taking Howard, if he doesn’t become a rotation guy, is that we could roll the scholarship (1 of probably 6 in the class) over for the year after or use it on a raw athlete who could get coached up enough to play in year 2 or 3 but might be headed for a mid-major.

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one and done in the final four. I’m rolling :rofl:


Per 247, Jace is taking his official the same weekend as Burnett and Ware.


Michigan appears to have 5 scholarship slots open for the Class of 2020 with another 2 more opening for the Class of 2021. Additionally, odds are someone currently on the roster will either hit big time and go pro early or will fall out of the rotation and transfer out. So safe for the coaching staff to recruit as if it will have at least 8 scholarship slots to fill in the next 2 recruiting classes. Very difficult to fill that all with bluechip prospects (unless you are Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Memphis). And, on the low end, Jace Howard as a practice body is better than an empty scholarship.

Add 5 bluechip prospects in the next two recruiting classes to the existing Freshmen/Sophomore on the team and the roster for '21-22 is extremely enticing…even with a lower-rate recruit like Jace Howard occupying one of the roster slots.

So the question, in my opinion, is whether Jace Howard is worth a spot on the 2022-23 roster or whether that could be better used on another Class of 2022 prospect. Too early in Jace’s career for me to opine on that. But if he’s not worth the roster spot by then, I’m guessing dad would slide him to walk-on status and pay for his tuition for the final two years of his career…that seems like the downside of this offer to me?


Though I didn’t bring up the subject of glue guy whatever that term might mean to others it has nothing to do with talent level to me. Our glue guys to me in the past sincerely [wolverheel] have been a Mo Wagner, Gary Grant and a Trey Burke to name a few, they held the team together when adversity would rise against the team. The glue guy not my term in my mind makes everyone around them better to rise to an occasion. My first concern was people posting they feel a scholarship could be better used elsewhere other than Jace Howard which sounds a bit arrogant to me like we are already at the Duke, Kansas and Kentucky recruiting level. I am 100 percent behind Coach Howard and staff for who they offer and in any capacity they offer them in, and will not question it. So many acted this way with Harbaugh in his first recruiting cycle. Sorry if I was not understood I didn’t mean to be offensive to anyone and Go Blue!

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I’m still confused as to why you keep mentioning me when talking about glue guys when I haven’t expressed any opinion in this thread other than “MSU making the final four and losing there isn’t something unimpressive.” I have hardly been following the other stuff lol.

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Interesting interpretations of “glue guy”. I my mind he is the guy, star or not, who plays without making mistakes, doesn’t get rattled, plays his role, gives his teammates a sense that things are under control, and provides intangibles promoting team unity. I’d be interested to know if there is an accepted standard definition.

It’s not just that Jace can be a “glue guy” on the floor. Is that he can also do the same and more off the floor. He will be a huge recruiter, a conduit to his father and a leader off the floor. Lots of reasons to like the offer.


If Beilein had offered Jace, I think a lot of us would be happy, because of the prospect of having Juwan around the program more.


I think that’s… true. In that scenario, it would also seemingly open up the possibility of bringing in his brother.

As it stands, I’m totally okay with the offer and hope Jace comes to Michigan.

What kind of game/skills/style would Jace potentially bring to the program? Any player comparisons for those of us who are not familiar with his game?


A bit of video from this summer in his offer post here:

Will grab a bit more and add it sometime here coming up.

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Interesting notions about what makes a glue guy. My sense is that he’s NOT a star, but someone who fights exceptionally hard and emotionally anchors the team–lunch-pail guys like Zack Novak or Jordan Morgan whose example inspires the rest.


Question to everyone here: does the video that is embedded in the post I’m replying to show up on mobile for y’all? For a while now those haven’t for me. Fine on desktop, empty white space on mobile.

Strange. Working for me on mobile. Do you have any thing that could be blocking ads or embeds via Vimeo.