Michigan offers three-star forward Jace Howard


I have a question…will this take up a schollie for 2020? Can’t he get free tuition because of his father being the coach. How does that work?

I think we all figured this was on the horizon.

Fun fact: his half brother was All-Horizon League.

Patrick Beilein—like his classmates Herber and Collins—was a valuable player on a pair of second-weekend Tournament teams. We can hope for similar production from Jace should he choose to attend Michigan.


Seems to be some concern about this offer, to many people put emphasis on the amount of stars before their name apparently. Those that are fretting about the star status let me remind you of 3* Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman. I hope whatever is good for Michigan, Jace and Coach Howard is what happens and if he takes a scholarship so be it, Go Blue!


Is there a reason that coaches kids don’t just walk on? Obviously the tuition expense is pocket change to Juwan and then he essentially gets an extra scholarship-level spot. That being said, the precedent at other schools seems to be the same (McCaffreys at Iowa, Dawkins at UCF off the top of my head) so I’m wondering if there is some sort of rule against this.

I believe the McDermotts paid their way for a year at Creighton to relieve a scholarship slot.

But I’d guess it’s not too common because tuition is expensive and, if your child is legitimately worthy of the scholarship, it would be completely unnecessary to throw away several tens of thousands of dollars.


I’m all on board with this offer. The way Coach Howard is targeting recruits the program is going to need guys that project out as 4 year players. With Jace’s pedigree I wouldn’t bet against him developing into a real nice contributor.


Coach Howard has said he recruits the parents, so he likes the parents here. Seriously though, teams need glue guys, so there is a real chance Jace can be that kind of contributor.


One of the perfect examples of not having any glue guys this past year is Duke, they should have never made it out of the first weekend of the tourney.

Wouldn’t there be some sort of scholarship for staff employed the school anyway?

We’ve covered this a few times I think, but a coach’s kid can only attend the school for free on some sort of staff-based scholarship if the coach has been hired for some span of time (I think 5 years or something like that).


how are they a perfect example? tre jones was definitely a glue guy for that team. a five star ranking doesn’t mean you can’t be a glue guy at a higher level of basketball. what point are you trying to prove lol

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Not to mention Jordan morgan, zack novak, Stu douglass and caris levert was a two star. I was hoping that he walks on…

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If a team has the #1, #3 and #10 pick in the NBA draft but can’t even get out of the second weekend with the easiest path, tells me the role players, coaching and or the glue guys weren’t present. Duke is that perfect example.


I’m not trying to prove a point it’s strictly observation of the underachievers on the Duke basketball team with three first rounders on the floor at the same time.

I mean Duke’s problems such as they were (losing six games all year, 4 to top 8 teams) would seem to be “not having a single person who was even an average three point shooter” than the amorphous “no glue guy”.


Yeah, Duke had glue guys. Just a poorly constructed roster as far as fits and balancing skill sets. And they still were on the precipice of the final four. It’s easy to underachieve in a single elimination tournament if underachieving involves losing by a single point to MSU in the elite 8.


It wasn’t just losing to MSU in the elite 8 when they didn’t belong there to begin with. UCF should have won that game in the first weekend and everyone knows it. Duke had help from the zebras and won 77-76 by a horrid call. Then struggled to beat VCU by 2 then lost to MSU that was a one and done in the final four. So tell me who were their glue guys?

Forget it.