Michigan offers five-star guard Joshua Christopher


But he never got a full academic walkthrough on campus?


Does this mean that Juwan passed the ncaa compliance/rules test?

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Well this is fun


Added Nike EYBL footage from this summer.

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Think basketball recruiting is going to go the way of football when Harbaugh came in - i.e. offer early and often to pretty much everyone. Not to say that’s a bad thing. You can spin both Beilein’s deliberate process and the more common offer every five start strategy as a good or bad thing.

It’ll be interesting to see if Howard and this staff offers every viable top prospect early and then weed out the real contenders down the line. And how if they go that route.

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It is going to make it a lot harder to tell who is a priority, that’s for sure. Everyone jokes about the no visit, no offer, but until kids visit now it will be hard to tell if they have legit mutual interest. Other side of the coin.


I would never have guessed Christopher would get an offer. Let alone the first one of the Howard era. He or someone on the staff has to have a connection or the kids are close with him. Seems too random otherwise. But man, this kid can flat out hoop.


This is a different highlight video than I’m used to


He’s a rising senior? Should that be obvious to me? Probably showing my ignorance. . .


2020 prospect, yep.

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Wow this will be fun. If you land the biggies the development process shouldn’t be as difficult you would think.


But it will be more rushed.


Dang he is really explosive off the bounce. Very curious to learn if he will have mutual interest.


Hopefully will have a little video breakdown tomorrow with some more footage and thoughts on his game.


wonder what is the connection? has howard ever seen him playing?


Howard has been around the EYBL given his sons play in it (17U/15U) so I’m sure he’s somewhat familiar with some of the top kids.

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Gut feeling Juwan Howard looks to stack a roster of big guards, and 6’8", 6’9" interchangeable versatile forwards that can all shoot and handle, with one enforcer big man. Can see him down the road looking to play with pace. If Howard is a success, he might bring more flavor to B1G hoops.


I’m gonna guess there’s some feeling of pride that comes with being the first ever offer in the new era of M basketball.

As a result it seems smart from that perspective to offer a really highly touted prospect, to perhaps gain early traction.


First we know about but got to think Juwan has offered others.