Michigan offers five-star big man Walker Kessler

He would be a great addition.

Was he at the game Friday? I was looking for him, but didn’t spot him.

I certainly can’t verify for Friday, but my personal guess was he showed up for the official visit very late on Friday or on Saturday for the PSU game. If he got to see the PSU game, I would hope he got a good experience.

I saw mention that he was spotted at the game on Friday

Yep, he was there with his coach and parents about 20ft away from me.

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How many people do you think come in from out of town the day before a football game? How many of those do you think went to the hoops exhibition?

Are people surprised that he would be at the basketball game? He was on a basketball official visit.


Don’t need to be such a smart ass. I heard he was coming for a visit this weekend and would be at the football game on Saturday. I didn’t see anywhere if he was arriving Friday or Saturday. Sorry if you pointed out his travel plans and I missed it.

Was that near the Michigan bench?

Didn’t mean to be a smart ass? Generally official visits are 2 nights long and everything is paid for by the school so I would have been very surprised if Michigan hadn’t flown Kessler in on Friday and back on Sunday.

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You never know what a kid’s family plans are and when they are available to travel, that is why I was asking. I assumed he would be at the game if he was able to make it into town by then. That’s why I was looking for him at the game.

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This sure is a touchy forum leading up to the start of the bball season. Everybody take your meds or chill pills its going to be a long season.


If he was 20 feet away from Wolverine3 it would have been across the court from M bench.

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You know it JJ!

Right next to the tunnel

By the tunnel is typically where recruits sit so that’d make sense.

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Anxious to hear how the official went. I have no pulse on this recruitment at all. Any early rumblings from a credible source or from Kessler on the weekend?

So does the lack of offers from schools like Kansas, Kentucky and Duke mean that they’ve discovered he’s not for sale?

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His family is well off, thus buying him is not possible.


Good to know. It’s almost taken for granted any more that 5 star recruits are very hard to land without a good bag man on your side.

Here is a little more. This is his dad.

Hence, Georgia is one of the competing schools obviously.

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