Michigan offers five-star big man Walker Kessler


have to win against our old friend Crean. Image result for tom crean pants


Schrute is a boob of a coach sometimes, but he can recruit. Pulling a legacy from him will be a battle.


I’ve already decided Kessler is a lock for Georgia

Reminds me of youngest Plumley choosing M over Duke


I will put my money on Kessler going to Georgia.


His uncle Alec Kessler, former NBA player, also went there.


Does he want to carry on the family tradition or does he want to become the best player that he can be and improve his NBA draft status.


I think he wants to make the decision that he deems as best for him for a variety of reasons and not what we want him to do


I would bet this is not a question he ask himself. I would bet this is an either/or scenario he doesn’t believe to be true.


Its arguable at best if Michigan would be the only school that would make him “become the best player he can be and improve his NBA draft status”.


I think Kessler is the type of talent that it doesn’t really matter where he goes, he will have the required success basically anywhere and still likely achieve his ultimate goal, which is the NBA. Staying home makes sense, which is what I’ve been saying for awhile regarding him.


Alternate dichotomy: does he want to be “the guy” from day one and instantly be a go-to option or does he want to spend time potentially behind a breakout Castleton while learning a super complex system.

edit: I jest


I think it’ll just come down to whatever he likes more. Will he like Michigan enough to make up for his lifelong affinity for Georgia? I think that’ll be all it’s decided on.

By the time Kessler commits, I doubt Castleton will be viewed as a star