Michigan hosted five-star prospect Saturday

Anyone else hear about this and who this prospect is?

Paul Scruggs

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Stud. Get him

Any other visitors?

According to his 247 page several blue bloods (Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, MSU) are already in on his recruitment. Still good to see Beilein isn’t giving up on getting some top prospects.

I noticed that he is 6-4. I think that is more important than some people realize in effectively running the pick and roll. Sometimes it seems like Walton can’t see over the defense to hit the roll man. Obviously Burke was skilled enough to negate the height factor.

We should get a blue blood dammit. I think he should still go after top guys. I mean guys like that are going to get on the floor quickly here not always at Kentucky.

The type of recruit that makes me mad was Amir Coffey. Guy chose Minnesota. I guess he’s a legacy but who cares. That team is going no where even with him. If he joined up with Xavier this class would have been very good. Beautiful fit.

One thing I’m liking about Xavier is it looks like he has that mid range game/ runner game that we could really use. Between him rahkman Walton and Irvin we might have some slashing to our team.

Aldo has coach b ever thought about more transfers?Robinson worked, he could hit up more top jucos and go that route if he’s missing on top guys. I love a good juco guy. Pitino makes a living on them.

One last thing. I put a video of this freshman from my area on here s month ago. He goes to the same school Tyler Ralph did who was a top coach b recruit at west va. He’s from Rochester which beilein has a connection to and he has recruited from before. Someone suggested I email him or athletics. How would I go about that? I really think beilein should go after this kid. His recruitment is picking up steam and he’s getting letters from all over now.

He’s Alteady picked one kid up from this school and it’s a school that is well coached and produces top character kids. I’d love to tip them off, if they don’t already know. His nine is Isaiah Stewart. He will be a top fifty kid when all is said and down. 6 7. Would be a great big man for us. Look him up folks. Mcquaid Jesuit high school, Rochester New York… Before this year was a no name. Now zona cuse and others are on him. Coach b has history on his side with this school and area help me put him on. New video just put out about him. Before there were just quick gifs.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EWcKh80NU4c
Someone get me that email!

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He was probably a no name before this year because he’s a freshman in high school… We’re barely past the 2016 class. 247 doesn’t even rate 2019 prospects yet.

Michigan and JUCOs will not go together. To tough to get into school.

It would be nice to get a 5th year transfer to fill a quick need


I know. That’s why is love to drop them the name. He’s pulled a kid from mcquaid Jesuit before. I know someone on here suggested I email the athletic department or maybe it was an assistant or something. Couldn’t hurt plus kids always remember who was there first. Plus he coached here at Nazareth. I think it was his first gig. Also cj Lee played for Michigan and was from this town. Maybe he can get the invite to one of the camps or something through it. Not sure why that link
Didn’t work. guys a beast though.

I meant he was a no name around here to. I’m up on all of the local kids and I play all over. It’s rare that no one in the area knew much about him, he was playing modified at like school 35 or some random city middle school. Around here like others I’m sure a 6 6 eighth grader is hard to hide. To go from who? To starting at mcquaid and getting scouts reaching out is just rare nowadays.

I’m sure you can hit the coaches up on twitter.

Why didn’t we offer Scruggs this weekend? I don’t understand this coaching staff.

They’re messaging you right now with the reason. Except they have no reason. They are simply screwing up. To mess with us.

Mattman, in your opinion, why didn’t JB offer?

Seems like a no brainer to at least make it official that Michigan wants him.

Looks like a marvelous player to me. But I always figure there can be a million reasons, both sides, for someone choosing, not choosing, not being chosen. Since I can’t know, I just don’t feel we can criticize. But I don’t start off from a critical stance about this staff, which can tend to color one’s view of everything. I respect you guys’ hoop knowledge, just regret the negativity sometimes. Will refrain from any more sarcasm.

Off topic, but here’s a fun piece about Scruggs taking up football:

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JB has had a lot of success in Indiana, lately. Any word on if he is friends/friendly with any of our current or former Indiana players?

He didn’t offer because all Beilein offers are immediately committable, and right now he just wants a 4. He’s recruiting Scruggs is in case of unexpected attrition, which isn’t gonna work, but whatever.

He has offers from msu, Kansas and Indiana. If only we could be so fortunate to have him immediately commit if offered.

I agree, you don’t recruit a kid of this caliber as a “just in case”.


He offered a second big in 2016 who didn’t hold any high major offers, and now he has to hold back on offering a sought-after 5-star guard. Hmm… seems like good roster management to me.

What happens if next season starts and we are still 1 over the scholarship limit?