Michigan hosted five-star prospect Saturday

This is what bothers me about the recruiting scene for coach B and the assistant coaches. They NEED a low post threat. Not a 6’10 that is long and shoots threes. They NEED a low post banger kid who has skills and can rebound. He can score with his back to the basket. He can play defense. They continue to get these guys who are big but can’t particularly catch or rebound very well. I believe these next two players coming in with be the exact same. This offense NEEDS a post presence to make it click. Mitch wasn’t so PHENOMENAL but the offense opened up easy one on one plays for him. Bacari, or someone needs to go and sit in a recruits home and say look son. We NEED you to open up our offense, which will give you gravy points. We have wings and a pg. That way chatman or Dj Wilson can play their natural position which as wing. That is the Main Reason GR3 left. You can’t continue to have these wings buck up and battle the behemoths because you do not recruit the position right. Its LAME.

You in no way need a big who is gonna post up. Post ups are horribly inefficient offense (as all the stats will tell you), just watch the Purdue game. When Mitch was here he got maybe 3-4 post ups. His value was in his ability to crash the glass on both ends, cut to the rim off penetration, catch the ball on the pick and roll, and finish no matter what. And that’s what Jmo did to a lesser extent.

That’s all you need out of a big on offense. We are just struggling to get guys who can do that.

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Donnall and crew can score On the block, we just gotta feed them and look for them. Spread them out and go one on one. Donnall and Wagner both can create. Spread it and attack

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Chatman…who is that? never heard of him. Does he play basketball


Scruggs as a “just in case.” Ahhh tell me who is on this roster or even coming to Michigan…that we can just “just in case” offer sometime or go after Scruggs. That’s just stupid

This just isn’t true. Not only that, it ain’t gonna happen. Those who are looking for MSU-style hoop are going to have to wait until Beilein retires. 2021 is the current date of completion of his contract.

As others have pointed out, we do not need a back-to-the-basket, low post threat. We do need someone that can rebound and play defense, though.

Also, McGary was not someone who you could just dump it in to him in the post and let him go to work. He had good hands, was a good finisher, and got a lot of second chance points. I think we’d all take another McGary in a heartbeat. He’s the perfect big for this team.

Mitch’s motor is what made him valuable. He also could hit a 15 foot jumper and had a great baby hook he used on the block.

The guys right now on the block lack that motor in a big way.

I feel like a Zach Auguste (from Notre Dame) type player would be ideal. Every time I watch that kid play I feel like he’d be perfect for this offense… and I don’t believe he was very highly ranked in HS as a side note. I don’t think we need to change the role of the big man in this offense, it’d just be nice if they were a step above talent/skill wise.

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My preference is Georges Niang, can definitely play with his back to the basket but can hit shots 10-12 feet out as well. Auguste is good example as well and wasn’t very highly touted.

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(1) Why are we assuming UM didn’t offer Scruggs?
(2) Beilein won’t issue offer unless certain criteria are met, such as getting transcripts. Doesn’t mean the staff hasn’t expressed high interest.
(3) Here are the PGs JB has brought to Michigan: Darius Morris, Trey Burke, Spike Albrecht (late signee), Derrick Walton, and Xavier Simpson (signed). The other major PG recruits I remember are Pangos, Demterirus Jackson, Monte Morris, Derryck Thornton, and Cassius Winston. The staff just secured an unofficial visit from a highly ranked out of state PG. Yeah, we should probably complain about PG recruiting…

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I am not necessarily sure post ups are inefficient offense. For example if you have a post player who can command a double team that can create open looks for very good outside shooters. With Michigan they have a great outside shooter in Robinson but it seems like it’s been 2 weeks since he has had an open outside look. Why is this? One of them is they don’t have great guards to break down a D but I have no doubt not having a post presence to pose double teams to kick it out is another issue to pose for a defense. Without Levert it seems like the Michigan offense has been very easy to defend. An offense shouldn’t become easy to defend just because one player is out of the lineup especially when that player was recruited 4 years ago.

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Just to give you an idea, here’s a chart from the NBA

It probably holds up a little bit better in college with how mismatched talent is, but probably not enough to drastically break the trend. Short of having Jahlil Okafor, it seems best to build a team around pick and roll and drive and kick.

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I would think Scruggs knows what’s expected of him to get an offer from Beilein. I’m sure it’s not like he walked away wondering why he didn’t get an offer.

Agree. Recruiting is the main issue at the position

Have wondered how someone like Sabonis (Gonzaga) would change this team. Skilled player, good size and plays with a edge.

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I know I agree with you. Unfortunately the kid was really good offensively. Skill set is off the charts. Now his confidence is shot I think. But he is a finesse player, and he was trying to guard guys who were more of a banger body style. Could not compete

I hope no one is complaining about Guards. I see what he can do with guards. That is not Our Issue. Its the bigs

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He would make Michigan a Huge Contender. Mo Wagner, has a skill set that is not going to have him in the paint very much against post players. That is why he would be such a mismatch. Having those guys out in space trying to guard him when he can put the ball on the floor as a 6’10 player is a nightmare for Teams like State, Purdue and Maryland. Then to have a post presence as well.

Coffey’s father was a really solid player for the Gophers in the late 80’s and he lives in Minneapolis. It would have been a huge upset to pull him out of there to come to AA.

And to the Beilein/Relph connection, Coach B did recruit Relph to WVU in 2003, but Relph also transferred out just a year later to St. Bonaventure. So I think you may be overstating their connection.