Michigan Games Attended Live

I believe there’s been a little talk in another thread about, which game was your first game. I’d love to hear everyone’s first Michigan hoops game they saw in person either at Crisler, the road, etc.

Also, not limiting to first game if you’ve ever been to a really big or memorable game.

The first game I remember ever going to was #1 Arizona vs Michigan at Crisler in the 2013-2014 season. I remember being super excited the #1 team was in the building and we were winning most of the game until a 2nd-half late collapse and lost 72-70. Brandon Ashley decided to have the game of his life lol. After the game went to Pizza House and ran into GR3, Mitch, and Spike. Looking back i can’t say I’m 100% sure Mitch wasn’t stoned :rofl:

Lemme hear yours!


I was also there. Great start to the 2nd half then Mitch got hurt and didn’t play the rest of the game. Then I had to drive home in a snowstorm.

Other memorable games I’ve attended…

  • stole a win from Maryland on MLK day on two late FTs by MAAR
  • stole a win from UCLA with a big 2nd half comeback
  • tough loss to Kentucky in a regional final in Indy
  • shootout with Ok St in Indy and the subsequent incredibly satisfying win vs. Louisville in Indy

Also have to mention the one(s) that got away. There were some good seats available in Dallas for the regional. I couldn’t convince my wife to make the trip, so I didn’t go. Yes, it was THAT regional in Dallas. I should have gone solo.


harbaugh wasn’t hired until Dec 30 2014 (I believe) but did talk at halftime of a game a couple hours after his introductory press conference! but it was against Illinois and Aubrey Dawkins hit 6 3s in the second half!

It’s always crazy to me that two of Beilein’s four or five best seasons teetered in the brink of disaster in November and December.


I am not kidding with this answer, my first Michigan basketball game was the Webber timeout game. We were in Destin for spring break and my Pops and my Uncle decided we should rent a car and drive over after they beat Kentucky. I was 13, had been to plenty of football games, but that was my first bball experience in a sea of Carolina fans with one old dude cheering for Michigan in the row behind us.


One of more memorable games for me: The Cam Chatman not-travel miracle 3 from the baseline game to beat Indiana (and pretty much get us in the big dance). Got lower bowl tickets from a Wisconsin alum we met earlier at the tourney who had a suite already and sold them to us for face value. From where we sat, the shot was a glorious rainbow of orange where at the end were two 40-something, maize-and-blue leprechauns screaming and dancing in a sea of crimson.


2017 Big Ten Title game in DC, decided while watching that Illinois game in my office that I would grab a ticket if they got through. What a memory


Most memorable game for me was at The Palace when Beilein dismantled Shaka Smart, VCU, and their Havoc system.


I was there too :sob: Aaron Harrison beyond belief :face_vomiting:

After we beat Tennessee in the Sweet 16 I was so young and tired that I needed to go back to our hotel before the Louisville vs Kentucky game to sleep…. My Dad at the time was a good sport and understood and went back too, but now that we’re grown he tells me how pissed he was that I made him miss a huge rivalry all-time classic tourney game between Louisville and Kentucky because I was an “overtired little boy” :rofl:

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This is some awful kind of luck LOL

I was at that game too

I think thats what made the Beilein era so fun though. Rocky starts followed up by a consistent growth as the season went on and it culminated with always winning at least 1 game in the conference tournament and getting to the s16.


i don’t think there’s a way to find it out, but i’m genuinely curious which game in mich bball history had the most forum posters there


flight has been delayed an hour already and just found out another hour and a half, so might as well think about this…

growing up in ann arbor i ended up at a lot of games, both mens and womens. i was lucky enough to grow up within walking distance of the stadium, so i think my dad would just take me over from time to time. i think my 7th birthday was a women’s game against either western or central that michigan won 103-40. (just found it - but two months after I turned 8, for some reason)

anyway as a result i have no idea what my first game was - i’m sure i got tickets through school or cub scouts or something. i definitely remember seeing mateen cleaves prior to them winning it all, and i remember being at the game where traylor broke the backboard in warmups (but that happened before we got there - i remember my dad explaining the big bandage on his arm). i also remember the state championship-winning pioneer team coming to my elementary school, since we all ended up at pioneer, but lavell didn’t show.

we got half-season tickets for the second amaker year, with daniel horton where they weren’t eligible for the postseason and started out 0-6 but then rattled off 13 straight wins. that’s where my first consistent michigan memories come from where i was really understanding the team - i thought horton was the coolest mfer in the world. i remember seeing him score like 22 in the first half for the first win, against bowling green, and i remember me and my dad debating leaving the wisconsin game where they were down 15 with <5mins left because it was a school night, but stayed because we never left games early and mich won on a horton 2 with maybe 7.1 left and then he blocked a shot at the other end to clinch it.

since then it’s been pretty consistent involvement - i was at the game where they beat no. 8 illinois, i was at the game where courtney sims couldn’t finish the dunk against no. 1 osu and greg oden, i was at the beilein proof of concept win against duke the day after i came back from my freshman year of college’s winter break. i lived in ann arbor again after college and me and a couple friends used to go to games over christmas when we were all in town, and that continued after i moved to california, but due to having immunocompromised family members i haven’t been able to go back since covid.


First game I ever went to was Michigan @ Georgia Tech in 2004. Was my 11th birthday present. Watching Petway in warmups was the absolute highlight unironically


Loved hearing this! You’re an AA and Michigan man through and through LOL

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if only i’d gone to michigan :rofl:

i’m a townie :innocent:

I’ve met a really random amount of people over the years who were also at the Trey Burke steal game vs. MSU.


First game was 1989 W at Purdue. 2nd game was Fab Five’s one point loss at IU in 1993. That one was a heartbreaker.

First game at Crisler was 1994 vs IU. Great feeling kicking their rear ends after the one point loss I attended in 1993!