Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward

Also I think Solomon or Tufele are more important than Gay, for similar reasons depth wise.

There is zero chance Becton sees the field in 2017.

Totally agree here, Solomon has to be #1 on the board, hands down.

Did Jim Harbaugh inform you of this? Otherwise, I don’t know how you can say that with such conviction.

I agree with that for 2 reason.

  1. Either one could slot into the rotation as freshmen.
  2. Even after 2017, DLine depth is an issue.

Contrarily, Becton would not be playing in 2017 and in 2018/2019 OLine depth shouldn’t be an issue.

Wait, you’re projecting one of 2 interior DL into the rotation as freshman. That is rare indeed. Even Rashan Gary, who is ultimately projected to play on the interior, struggled when lining up on the interior. Generally speaking interior DL never play as true freshman unless we’re talking #1 in the country types, for which neither of these gentleman are, talented as they may be.

Because Becton is a project, not a year 1 type player. That’s pretty common knowledge. I don’t have to talk to Jim Harbaugh to know that.

Would you say Josh Metellus was a project type?

Gary had a hard time getting interior reps because he was competing with a bunch of 2017 NFL rookies

I don’t think we land both. I’m saying if we land one, I think he can crack our 2 deep. Don’t you?

Not really, he had a hard time getting reps on the inside because he was getting put on skates when he did. He fared much better on the outside.

Also, our best DL, Taco Charlton, was on the outside and Gary got a fair amount of snaps there. So the argument about 2017 NFL rookies doesn’t really hold up.

I’d agree that he fared better on the ends, but that doesn’t change that he would’ve gotten interior reps on a DL that wasn’t loaded with senior, NFL talent. Would he have set the world on fire as a DT? Probably not. But he would’ve gotten reps

I’m not inclined to think so. Could be wrong though, but interior DL is notoriously difficult to get snaps at as a FR.

What is your projected two-deep then?

Mgoblog (my favorite source of Michigan football analysis by a long shot) in reference to Aubrey Solomon saying “Fck Michigan" on periscope: "That leaves Michigan’s hopes for a guy who can instantly spell Mone next year down to just UT 4 DT Jay Tufele.”

They obviously dont know what Harbaugh thinks/wants/expects, but this seems like a solid opinion from a solid source.

Obviously Hurst and Mone will be starting on the interior. With Dwumfour and Gary rotating in there as well.

I will say that I’m extremely impressed by what I saw with Solomon on film at the AA game. Then again, I’m not a football evaluation expert by any means. To my untrained eye, he appeared to have good burst and great strength for a HS prospect.

You don’t think Soloman or Tufele are talented enough to challenge Dwumfour for reps? Sizzling take.

You are basing that on what, recruiting rankings? If so, Mo Hurst would be a bum by that logic.

Kemp-Dwumfour-Solomon/Tufele-Johnson Jr

But really think Villain/Hudson/Jeter could contribute as frosh