Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward

I wonder if we could get a grad transfer to come in for some OLine depth

I just hope Peters wins the starting QB spot for obvious reasons (see FSU game).

Would feel a lot better about next year if Michigan can land Harris, Solomon, and Gay.

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Mgoblog comments suggest that coaches want Cole at c bc that’s his pro spot. They want that value up

Peppers declares. Happy for him. Sad for Michigan.


He was fun to watch. It’s unfortunate we only saw him play 2 years in the winged helmet.

His talent lived up to the hype. I’m slightly disappointed in the way our coaches utilized him–especially this year–but he no doubt created a buzz about the program (in addition to what Harbaugh brought).

There is a lot of talk about Willie Gay being able to step in day 1 and play that Viper position. Really hoping we can land him.

He lives a few towns over and I have met him. He is a great kid and has a great future. Very humble and does not get ahead of himself. Happy for him but wish he would stay.

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He’s actually probably a better fit for the position than Peppers was because he’s longer and will probably play at 230 or 235. I don’t expect him to immediately play it better than Peppers did, but he’s very fast and his size is more appropriate for the position.

That being said, I’m not terribly confident he’ll end up at Michigan. But after the 2 NTs, I think he’s the most important recruit left on the board.

When the Pepcat package became so predictable, I wish we would’ve worked in some packages where he is a standard RB, preferably out of the pistol. It’d be easier to use him as a decoy, and it would’ve given him a fullback to run behind. When he was in at QB, everyone knew what was happening.

Idk if you were disappointed in his defensive utilization, but I thought he was THE ideal viper at the college level, and everything about his usage there made sense. Maybe his draft stock would’ve been higher if he played some more free safety and had more opportunities at interceptions.

Gay is the player on the board that I want the most. He is the kind of elite impact athlete that Michigan needs to take the next step. Will be disappointed if he ends up elsewhere. I won’t feel bad about OSU getting Browning if we get him.

Hope they can lock down Samuels too.

This Austin Jackson guy from AZ who is taking an official would be a v nice pickup at OT. He’s supposedly a USC lock but you never know, maybe he likes winter.

For positional necessity, OL has to be the #1 priority, followed by DT. While Gay may be the most talented piece left on the board, the drop off between Metellus/Hudson will be far less in 18 in relation to the potential of a FR Dtackle

Whaf OL are we still in on that you’d rather have than Gay?

If all things were equal in terms of depth, I’d absolutely agree that Gay is the most talented prospect on the board exclusive of Solomon. But the depth isn’t equal at this point. We need OL, in particular OT.

I guess what I’m saying is, at this point, Becton (hopefully I’m spelling it correctly) is more important than Gay.

Is Becton the giant 3 star?

I believe a 4 to some sites, but yes. I think 6’7/340 range?

Becton is a project that wouldn’t see the field for probably 3 years. By the, OLine depth won’t be an issure.

Yeah he is oozing potential. I definitely would be more comfortable with our class if he was in it.

I think Becton is a take for sure, but basing him as a higher need than Willie Gay based on 2017 depth doesn’t make sense because there is no way Becton sees the field next year.

I think that’s where you’re wrong. JBB was a project that wasn’t supposed to see the field. Bredeson wasn’t supposed to see the field. But lack of bodies mandates that both did. And the depth is even thinner next year. We simply need OL more than LB, and by a wide margin.

Gay and Solomon have an exponentially higher likelihood than Becton to contribute both in 2017/18 and ever. OL depth is definitely important, but the difference in caliber of prospect supersedes positional need, in this case, IMO.