Michigan earns No. 1 seed, will face Mount St. Mary's or Texas Southern in opening round

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I live near a women’s college named Mount St. Mary’s so I will be rooting for them in the play-in.


Juwan needs to wake up. You either need to start Chaundee or put him in 4 minutes into the game. There’s no reason Johns should be playing more than Chaundee. LSU will cook us if we play Johns/Williams for 30+ minutes


Go Texas Southern

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Seems rational


Ha, Dylan has to do double prep.


I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense to not play your 5 best players 32+ minutes in the tourney. Chaundee should not be playing 23 minutes


I definitely agree with this. Saying Howard needs to wake up is maybe a bit aggressive though.


I don’t see a team that I think we have no chance against. Just multiple teams that could trip us up.

I live in Texas so I’ll be rooting for Texas southern, whoever they are :rofl:


Well, it’s win or the season’s over so I’m guessing he’ll be coaching like it.

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My unsolicited thoughts are that our draw is very favorable. People are saying that LSU is scary in the second round, which yeah it kind of is, but it’s manageable. LSU is 29 on kenpom and St Bonaventure is 25. That’s fairly standard, or even better, than some other teams on the 8/9 line like Wisconsin (10 KP), Loyola (9KP), UNC(28), GT (32).

Florida State is the third worst 4 seed on kenpom, with red hot Oklahoma State and Cunningham the 4th worst. I’d prefer FSU over OSU. Colorado is also a pretty underwhelming 5 seed and it’s not like FSU isn’t prone to losing to lesser or equal competition this year. Pretty solid draw here imo.

Most importantly in our region, imo, is the fact that Alabama has a tough draw. UConn is by far the best 7 seed in this tournament (16th KP compared to 36, 37, 42). Maryland is also the best 10 seed. I wouldn’t bet on Alabama making the elite 8.

Edit: also If we do end up playing FSU we can rest easy knowing they won’t foul down 2 with less than 30 seconds left


This is, as my daughter would say, a low-key wonderful reply.


Okay, I just did three searches for the danged complete bracket–can anyone link me?

It was four points with like 10 seconds left but other than the bettors who had Michigan -4.5, who’s counting? :joy:

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This is bad logic and worse writing. M has had one game with Livers out. I think he probably means that this tendency may be further exposed with Livers out, but he should rub all his nice words together and manage to say it. . . along with his little hot cake hot take.

It’s a world full of semi-anonymous self-styled experts weighing in on wildly accomplished multi-millionaire former NBA stars with decades of thought about the game behind them, though, and they’re going to be riding their armchair self-assurance for days to come. All going to have to be judicious in our choice of. . . language.


Yeah, that guy on twitter thinks he’s a lot wiser (about every sport) than he is.

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LSU is scary as an 8 seed, but like, Loyola and UNC are way way more scary in my opinion. The draw to the elite 8 is super super favorable in my opinion. Texas/Alabama would be tough but by that point it’s supposed to be tough.