Michigan at Ohio State Discussion

6:30 p.m. tip on Monday.

Buckeyes currently are destroying Wisconsin at the Kohl Center.

I really believe this is a game we should win, now that I’ve seen them and Wisconsin play. Their defense is aggressive, we have to be poised against their pressure. They can hit some open shots, don’t give them open shots. I think we have the better players. Let’s finally beat these knuckleheads.


This is always a hard place to play, especially with a young team.

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Ohio State opens as a 1.5 point favorite vs. Michigan on Monday night.

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Interestingly, right now our adjusted defensive efficiency via kenpom is ranked 55th, which would be the 3rd best under Beilein, behind 2011 and 2013.

Surprised we are that high. Especially after that UNC game

Seems line is a bit low. Respect for M?

I’m a bit surprised too. Also, our worst game in terms of ppp was actually LSU

Low in what direction? Preseason it probably would have been Michigan favored by a few points. OSU has probably been a bit better than expected and Michigan a bit worse.

Exactly. Line should be OSU -3 to 3.5 IMO. We’ll see what it is at game time.

Looks like it is up to 2.5.

I think we put more talent on the court, but OSU is playing well. Playing much better then most thought. We will have our hands full.

Side note- Will be interesting to see the crowd on a Monday night after a huge party weekend for the OSU fans. Uninterested crowd may help us.

OSU hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record yet. I think maybe we see the inverse of the UNC fiasco where OSU is coming off a ridiculously hot blowout win over a (secretly bad) Wisconsin team and comes out a little sloppy

Edit: come to think of it, we haven’t beaten a team with a winning record yet either lol

If you want to read a preview from people with no understanding whatsoever of why we need tempo free stats, check out OSU’s SB Nation page:

Per the usual, Michigan is a defensive powerhouse on the floor, allowing just 62.4 points per game. That mark is good for second in the Big Ten and 29th in the NCAA.

He even mentions our slow tempo in the same paragraph.


They’re playing Dakich 15 minutes a game. The line seems fair. Just keep Tate and others off the boards and we’ll be fine. I think we’ll have a lot of good looks offensively. Hopefully Kam Williams doesn’t go off on us again.

I wonder if we’ll see Livers match up on defense with KBD. He has the requisite size and athleticism, if not experience.

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Dylan, you think that Michigan has performed worse than expected? What were the expectations? I don’t recall any high preseason rankings.

For reference, our preseason KenPom rank was 32. Right now they’re at 42. So a slight underperformance. TBH, with how bad the PG play is, it’s surprising that it’s only a slight underperformance. Simmons was expected to be an All-B1G player.

Losing to LSU. Getting blown out by UNC. Think about it like this: Michigan opened the season ranked 34th by KenPom, is currently 42nd. OSU opened the season at 78 and is up to 61.