Michigan at Ohio State Discussion

I didn’t question the OSU’s perception or the spread, only if you thought that UM had under performed to date.

Isn’t that what he just answered?

No, he told me what Kenpom thinks.

I mean… What else do you want him to say? He already said he thinks we’ve under performed, gave a blowout loss and a close loss to a team barely in the top 100 as examples, and then gave our drop in kenpom’s system since the start of the season as numerical proof. Where did he mention the spread in his response?

There is performance to date and there is promise shown. I know you always advocate an even-tempered approach, Dylan, but I am curious about how hopeful the season-to-date has left you. . . and everyone.

Not sure I’d be described as a hopeful guy. I guess if we look back at the expectations I put out in the preseason we aren’t that far off.

LSU was a bad loss, Michigan still doesn’t have a good win. Charles Matthews has shown a bit more than I expected but the PG position has been far worse than I expected.

A lot of games left, but a lot of questions to answer.

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For me, Michigan is pretty much right on expectations. They have not disappointed or exceeded expectations. Prior to the season, I saw UM as a young and inexperienced but talented team that would have to replace 3 starters and the bulk of their scoring. They may start out struggling, but should improve during the year and be pretty good by year end. We would have better depth. I thought we could finish 5th or better in the B1G, go 2-1 in Maui, lose to UNC and make the tournament.
At this point, I don’t see 5 B1G teams that are defiantly better than us. Our bench has been deeper and better than last year. Matthews, Wagner, Rahk, Teske, Poole, Simpson, Livers, Watson and Brooks have all met or exceeded expectations. Only Robinson and Simmons have played below what I thought they would. UM is still in a good position to accomplish all that I thought they could.

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If we miss lots of shots, of course we’ll lose. If we allow ourselves to get bullied down low, and let Tate run wild with OReb, we’ll lose. If we give them tons of open shots, we’ll lose. But we SHOULD WIN.

We are the better team. I’m a pessimist and I’d take us and the points.

How fucking embarrassing. I’m so sick and tired of losing to these guys in every damn sport.


I don’t know why I couldn’t possibly imagine losing like that, but I couldn’t possibly imagine losing like that. The lack of courage and poise on that court tonight was astonishing. If only Iggy had reclassified. No team with him on it would ever let themselves get punked like that. Right now, Mo is going to Europe or back for a 4th year. Someone needs to transfer if he doesn’t decide to go to Europe.

The team has no leadership to start this year. It crippled them tonight. That, in combination with Beilein’s terrible coaching tonight cost them.

I know Moe and Matthews were awful, but that’s going to happen every once in a while. It’s on the Seniors to calm them down and right the ship. It’s also on Beilein to stop messing with the damn rotation. He’s creating everyone to get out of their comfort zone. Just bad coaching to start this year.

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Unless Matthews is ill, he showed something really terrible in his current game. A player as good as him should never allow himself to be taken out of a game like that. I think after he missed the corner 3, that was the last ounce of dog he showed in the whole game.

Brooks had one brick but I’m liking how his shot is looking.


Takes a village to implode that badly. JB’s rotations were terrible. But, Mo, CM, MAAR, and Duncan all had terrible games, aside from Mo’s perfect 1st half. Even if Poole, Livers, and Teske take some of their minutes, we aren’t going to win many games when those 4 struggle that amazingly.


Here’s my question, what does it take to play right now?

Absolutely no excuse Poole should only play 8 minutes. He earned more time with his play on Saturday, doesn’t get rewarded. Simmons didn’t play Saturday but earned more time tonight? (I’m rooting for Simmons just using this point)

There’s no rhyme or reason to his substitution patterns. You can’t do that and he deserves criticism for it. It’s causing these guys to look over their shoulder and play with no rhythm. He also made the point tonight that good game play doesn’t get you rewarded. Not a good message.

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I’m just still in awe of our performance. The extent to which we had no business losing that game is incredible. If Matthews is 1/3rd the player he really is even in the first half, we go into half up 30.

I thank Teddy V for the LOL 5 point play, which wasn’t the wrong call, but really, was that really a reasonable call? Does anyone besides look at me Teddy V call that? I don’t know. I think not.

I can’t get my head around the absurdity of the loss. And no, this NEVER happens if Iggy is on this team. If he left HS and joined the team this morning, this never happens.



Matthews was a total no show tonight. He has to learn to be more decisive on offense. Too many times, he gets the ball and holds it or takes a jab step. When he does drive it, he seems to want to either bully his way to the hoop or Euro step it. I would like to think he’s quick enough to try to straight line drive by guys.

I really like Bates Diop for OSU. He’s an excellent player. I know we recruited him hard. He would have looked nice at Michigan.

Beilein also panicked a little. He was praying he could somehow massage that one into the garage with his guys - and he almost did when we went up 4, but then we gave up a 7-0 run and it was all too late.

Duncan is going to spend some quality time on the bench as the season wears on unless he catches fire.