Michigan at Northwestern Discussion Thread


This was going to be really frustrating after that flagrant foul on MAAR was reversed.

Maybe not the most flagrant thing ever, but probably enough to keep the call as stands.

Also, I am seriously sick of seeing that moron Seratore ref our games.


Lack of a creator kills this team. Triple threat guy needed desperately going forward.


5 assists to 1 turnover though. The killer is 0/4 from 3. He NEEDS to get back to being a respectable 3pt shooter

I mean the offense wasn’t perfect, and some of the 3s were desperation, but shooting ‘not terribly’ (i.e. 5/22) from 3 is the key to winning that game. 8/22 wouldve been 36%, perfectly average, and enough to flip the game on its face. McIntosh and Lindsey combining to go 7/9 was brutal, especially considering the level of difficulty on many of them.


I walked in right after the overturn of the flagrant, it seems.


20-79 from three our last 3 games. Simpson 1-14.


Duncan Robinson’s completely unconfident drives to the basket were terrible.

The Poole pass to the guy’s feet.

It sure felt like there was a few windows while everything was crap.

Just way too many careless mistakes.


Might as well count multiple more possessions as turnovers though. How many possessions ended with tough shots around 5-10 seconds left on the shot clock?

Can’t just give it to Matthews with 8 seconds left and say “go make a play”


About the same time I started watching, had been out of the house during the first half.


Our 3 point shooting was simply not good tonight but feel most of it was due to last second prayers due to a poorly executed offense for the balance of the shot clock. As mentioned many times before having a PG that can not shoot an open jumper or free throw with regularity is troubling, Can not wait for DD next year.


Did no notice that Mathews would also defer to Poole late in the shot clock? Who is the freshman?


We just aren’t a good offensive team. Not enough shooting and Duncan is just having an awful time making shots. Poole is hit or miss. Simpson seems to have regressed back to being a bad shooter.

We got nothing from the bench tonight. Didn’t help that Livers got hurt right away although he hasn’t done much as a starter. Forced us to play Duncan a ton of minutes though.

We are going on over 7 weeks since Brooks has scored a single point. Even
playing limited minutes, that’s almost impossible to do. Since Brooks and Simmons have been so terrible, Simpson can’t even be off the floor and he’s not exactly tearing it up.


I think they all took turns deferring. Very disappointing after already seeing that zone before. No reason to not know how to navigate it.


Late shot clock situations. Half court offense. Zero ability to create our own shot except for Matthews deciding to go through 5 guys and bully his way to the rim.

If David Dejulius has any answers to these problems I have a hard time seeing him ride the bench next year

Poole lost confidence in his shot after a couple misses. He tries to do too much but some of those passes to Wagner showed his promise as a creator.

Hope Livers is back ASAP we will need him. 35% from three Duncan Robinson for 35 minutes at the four is a problem


I love the kid, but at this point, I really hope Matthews doesn’t even do the enter the draft thing without an agent thing.

Just get in the gym with the talented teammates coming in and go to work.

I feel like a guy like Wagner might be able to see the bigger picture and see a big final season with the recruits coming in.


Duncan not even making wide open catch and shoot 3’s is just so sad. It was painful when any ability whatsoever to make a 3 coming off a screen or even off a ball fake dropped out of his game, but that inability seems to have infected even the catch and shoot stuff. What a bummer.


Yes, but then cover your eyes.



He starts passing up shots which is infuriating and ruins the possession on offense as well.

He will make a few plays here and there, but a lot of his pump fakes and dribbling don’t lead to anything productive.

I hate to keep saying it, but that drive on that fast break was just ridiculous. He would have been better off shooting a 3, than driving at three guys and not being able to draw a foul.


Brooks is seeing three minutes or less. Unlike, Poole, he won’t jack up a shot just because he wants to get one up while he’s in the game. I’d bet he’d have better numbers that X of he had the same minutes.


Simpson has no business shooting 14 3’s in a season. It seems like once he got the starting job back, he has regressed. MAAR needs to take charge, but not sure he knows how to. Duncan is flat out scared. Matthews averages a 2 turnovers a game for a team that averages 11, not good. Then you toss in pathetic FT shooting, we have lots of issues and a month to fix. Not sure it’s possible.