Michigan at Northwestern Discussion Thread


Some of those plays by Robinson were just laughable.


Matthews has really been incredibly disappointing offensively. Basically just a defensive and rebounding guy right now who has been force fed ball-handling responsibilities.


Is Livers broken? I missed the first half.


Rolled his ankle pretty badly in the first couple minutes.


Is this serious? I hope you’re ready for the backlash…


Sorry to hear about your mom.


Deleted. Just venting.


Hope your mom is doing okay and can go home soon.

Agree on all your comments. One thing to just miss shots, another to be completely out of it mentally. No excuses either after already seeing that zone and their offense. One of the more awful efforts by a Beilein team. Disappointing night.


This team just really needs a good ball dominant guard. Wagner would be putting up huge numbers thru the pick n roll game if Michigan had anyone who could pass. Plus half of Matthews turnovers would go away if Michigan had a guard with a little alpha in him. Instead Michigan has this passive offense where they can barely get the ball to their best player and their worst ball handler is forced to drive into traffic constantly.


Thanks, man. It just makes it so much more frustrating to see the hail of missed FTs, 3’s, the dumb plays on offense, I mean, it looked like they were passing around a hand grenade at times there.


So the team’s ceiling is the version that played against Purdue, and the floor is whatever we just watched. Such a cliche, but hopefully totally flopping like that will be a bit of a wakeup call. I know we aren’t a great shooting team, but shooting that poorly just seems like mental thing


Thanks - we actually moved her to the rehab place this evening, but somehow that’s scarier then the loud, right, irritating hospital. Beautiful new room but they can’t figure out how to monitor her vitals yet, ay yi yi. I mean, I know this team had the plane thing, and that can show up in your legs late instead of earlier, but the stupidity, that’s just mental. I can’t believe they couldn’t figure out better rules for attack against a zone they were seeing again. Here’s a good rule - don’t pull it back out with less than 6 on the shot clock. How about we stop doing that. Clock awareness or awareness of plays you just can’t make with the clock dwindling down… it’s like giving the ball to Teske at the top of the key at the end of the shot clock. I didn’t see that one, but it was the same general principle of bad decision making.


My take… There is genuine cause for concern at this point: what do we do with a defense that switches everything and THEN switches to zone periodically (lol) AND fouls Matthews/Simpson (or anyone right now) as soon as they enter the lane? Perhaps this team never had the firepower to make a serious run and anyone disappointed about that now is likely still lovedrunk from the MSU win.

But, I think there are still many matchups that favor us and the NW matchup zone just flummoxes us for some reason. Not likely to see a defense like that from here in. A second week in the tourney is still likely our ceiling…


They’ve been playing scared and scared to lose for weeks now. It’s hard to believe any of the other games weren’t wake up calls, but maybe actually losing and realizing they are going to lose unless they play with more verve, maybe that will do it?


That’s my hope. The shooting funk is just inexplicable. Poole seems like a good representation: not playing with the same swag, missing shots he had been making.


Glad to hear it on the nice room. Hope they can figure out how to monitor her vitals soon.


The closest thing they have to that is MAAR, but for some reason coach does not want to go by way of MAAR playing most of the minutes at PG. Heck at this point I would even try Poole.


Just so confused as to how to attack their zone in the 2nd half was very frustrating. Late shot clock chucks and general all around malaise. What did we practice against all last week?


Obviously that hurt a lot - Duncan was not great in unlimited duty - although we probably lose anyway, with the mentality and decision making we brought to that game.


Zavier was the backbreaker tonight. He refused to break down that zone off the dribble. It’s not Syracuse out there with crazy athletes. He should be able to, at times, get into the teeth and make a play.