Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


Yep. No matter what, Izzo is coming out of this with egg on his face, though I doubt he’ll get much flak for it. He’s praised Simon, but if she is forced to resign, those comments look really stupid. But both his comments on Paterno and the Nassar situation make it seem like he never actually engaged in the issue. Which means he should just keep his yap shut.


Yeah. I don’t think the guy needs to be crucified. He just came off as what I think we have all come to see he is–a pretty inarticulate homer. What they need now are a series of very visible signs to everyone that the victims and women students come first. But the instinct to protect the institution and their friends looks like it’s very hard to overcome. The “I hope they got the right guy” comment. . . just doofus stuff. We always make a mistake when we expect showbiz and sports personalities to be experts or terribly insightful outside their field.


It is hard to overcome. But that’s exactly how you get into situations like this one, Baylor, PSU etc. And despite it being hard, members need to be raked over the coals for it.


If he hasn’t already, Izzo would be smart to lawyer up right now – and I’m not talking about MSU attorneys. He may be fine, but this is when you have to be very careful about what you do and say.


Think Dantonio makes it through this?


With Hollis gone and the president it’ll take a while, but based on the article he shouldnt.


Dantonio will be gone. Izzo probably 50/50.


They may not get fired but it would not surprise me if, like Hollis, they decide to retire all of a sudden.


Call me cynical, but I don’t think either Izzo or D’Antonio will lose their jobs. They will claim they relied on the University and/or police to investigate and determine any punitive actions.

Michigan has had our share of incidents such as those cited in the OTL article. I hope we have been appropriately aggressive in investigating and addressing our incidents.


This article is eye-opening, too. Implies that MSU hid the Nassar investigation from US Dept of Ed officials investigating Title IX violations on campus. This sentence is pretty wild:

“Even without knowledge of the Nassar allegations, the Office for Civil Rights investigation into how MSU handled sexual assault and gender discrimination cases ended with findings that MSU had fostered a ‘sexually hostile environment’ on campus.”

My sense of this thing even a few days ago was that Simon and Hollis needed to go because the ugly took place on their watch. But it starts to look like it was more cynical than that. There are some other articles out there tonight about how a climate of abuse pervaded US women’s gymnastics–those little girls get screamed at an awful lot, apparently. It’s not just MSU, but if you think that this compulsive bastard could have been stopped a very long time ago, it makes you wince.


Institutions protect themselves.


Watching MSU / Wisconsin.

MSU is not an elite team.


Well, they have elite talent by all traditional standards of measurement. I’ve never been as big a fan of Izzo as some here, and think they are still being accorded too much respect as a team. He has often found a way to screw the pooch once his teams got to the later rounds of the NC2As. Let’s hope they bow out early this year, so we are not treated to the site of closet fans in the announcing brotherhood talking nonsense about lack of respect, healing, etc… That would be very hard to stomach at this stage.