Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


I am not saying that they are broken, but they are shaky. They will still be favored to win almost all of their remaining games but they may find their road games tougher than they are prepared for.


10 days ago, most expect them to cruise to the overall No 1 seed of the tournament. They could still turns things around but that is not given either.


I will agree with you guys on this… the schedule and tourney metrics are not great for them. I don’t really think this would have changed with a win over Michigan on Saturday either though. Their non-conf wasn’t great and their B10 schedule is so light that it is really harmed by the Big Ten being not very good.

It is the middle of January and Michigan State has two wins over teams projected in the NCAA Tournament. Worse than that, there’s only one game left on the schedule against a projected tourney team.


This is exactly why it’s doable to create a better resume. It’s added significance this year with Detroit hosting a regional.


It makes me sad that it looks like we have no chance of getting that Detroit regional. It looks like Purdue has one those spots locked down, so we’ll have to finish higher on the S Curve than MSU, OSU and maybe one of the teams from Cincy?


I’m not so sure it’s that far out of reach. As long as Michigan keeps on par with OSU and more importantly, beats them in AA, I think they’ll jump them in the S Curve.

I don’t see Xavier or Cincy jumping either Michigan school, specifically for monetary reasons. What I can see, is placing them both in the same bracket to play each other in round 2 should they both advance.

That to me leaves MSU or Michigan for the second spot with Purdue. It all boils down to keeping pace on record with the teams 5-12 in the Big Ten. From there, I really believe the Purdue games are the ultimate determining factor. Assuming Michigan knocks off OSU in AA, if MSU beats Purdue at home and Michigan loses at Purdue, MSU goes to Detroit. If MSU loses to Purdue or Michigan wins at Purdue, I could very easily see Michigan jumping them on the S Curve.

Long LONG way to go, but for all the above I’m making the assumption these teams are on par Big Ten record-wise.


Re: the Cinci teams, Nashville is as close to Cinci as Detroit, I believe. The main challenge (besides continuing to play well, of course) will be MSU.


Notre Dame is only fading because of the injury to Colson. The committee will likely give MSU credit for dismantling a full-strength elite Notre Dame team.

Plus, as much as MSU’s resume has holes, compare it to other teams around the country. Arizona may well roll the Pac12, but its resume isn’t better than State’s. Kansas?
Duke? No one in the SEC — A&M was impressive out of conference, but hasn’t done squat in conference. A 4-loss MSU squad would be difficult to find 8 teams w/better resumes/eye-test results.


Kansas and Duke can EASILY end up with better resumes. In fact, any of the top tier Big 12 or ACC teams can easily “out resume” MSU. Not to mention Duke beat them head-to-head on a neutral.

As much as you/we would give the committee credit for that Notre Dame team being at full strength, past history shows they’re blind to the final resume numbers.


Ok, but to not earn a 2-seed at least 8 teams would have to be above a 4-loss MSU team. I don’t see where that happens? I’ll give you Duke, let’s say UVa continues strong, West Virginia, Kansas, Nova…then where are your other 3? For those teams to stay elite, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, UNC are going to have to take on losses.

There are a lot of meh resumes out there. The hypothetical of an MSU team closing the season with 1 loss over the final month and a half — it would be stunning if the tournament selection committee seeded 8 teams above them under that scenario.


The five you mentioned already have better resumes than MSU with a lot more opportunities to add on.

Add to that list Purdue as the sixth team.

The Big 12 is loaded this year so Oklahoma and Texas Tech will build a quality resume as well. Those teams taking a few losses beating up each other still looks a lot better than MSU’s resume will look with their wins added up.

A team like Xavier can even do enough to beat out a MSU team who racks up non-quality wins.

Let’s face it, MSU is a top 5 talented team with a joke of a resume. At this point, Notre Dame is trending to not even make the tournament.


Yep. ND is probably not gonna make the tournament. So MSU could very easily finish the season with 1 win vs a tournament team. If they win out the regular season except lose at Purdue, and then win their first BTT game and lose their second, where is MSU seeded? 27-5 with one top 50 win.


Their matchup with Purdue is at Breslin, which I think MSU will win that game. However, boy is that a big one for them. Not only for their psyche but quality win.

(Edit: Sorry you said one and done in the BTT) If they go one and done in the BTT, they would have to take a fall down the seed line. That, combined with 0 quality road wins. If all that happens, my guess is 6-7 seed.


But, but, I thought that MSU played a really tough non conference schedule every year.


Ha yeah didn’t work out this year. To be fair, a win against Duke would’ve made their non-conference excellent.

If Uconn hadn’t fallen off a cliff or Notre Dame started to struggle, it would’ve been a nice non-conference as well. The way things have shaken out, ultimately it could end up a weak overall non-conference resume-wise. (Still a great win over UNC though!)


Didn’t want to start a new thread, but woof. You can’t support victims and their offender’s enablers. It doesn’t work like that. https://twitter.com/bfquinn/status/954551151315349505


This is probably as bad or worse than Penn State’s cover up, but since it isn’t football or basketball it won’t get as much attention as it should. Like this is purely evil stuff that was going on over there.


You really have to wonder about the culture on this campus. Not like this is the first incident in recent years.


When Paterno died, Izzo said he “loved” him and added some pretty questionable things, like this one:

“I don’t know if we’ll ever know what went on … but Joe Paterno, as some people have said, it almost seemed like he was the one involved in it. He wasn’t. What exactly went on, maybe we’ll never know.”

Maybe Dylan can get Quinn to do some real reporting and ask him about these quotes in light of his recent statements.


If you are going to praise someone who is associated with such terrible behavior, as in the cases of Sandusky and Nassar, you should choose your words very carefully so as to be clear as possible.