Michigan at Maryland Discussion Thread


Here’s another good split. Conference road record vs Quad 1 & 2 opponents.


I really hope the committee pays attention to breakdowns like this. BTW, I see no MSU at all in there? They can’t be a #1 seed.


MSUs best road win the whole year was against the team Michigan just smacked around today.



Nice graphic


Kind of misleading. One clunker drops out of the 5-game moving average and all of a sudden you have this hockey stick suggesting something big has changed when it hasn’t.


I appreciated Orian giving some props to Jaaran in his write up. It may be too late for a “true breakout” performance as Orian said, but it could happen. Jaaran showed a much greater comfort level with the offense yesterday, and had a really solid game overall as Orian said. I’ve noticed, in addition to just looking more comfortable on the offensive side of the ball, he works hard on defense, too. I’d love to see a 10-12 minute performance from him where he scored a point a minute of floor time, had three or four assists, and played good defense. He doesn’t HAVE to do that to contribute, of course, but it would be great if he did. As we enter the B1G Tournament and the possibility of playing four games in four days (one can hope!) his contributions could be huge, especially with hard as Z works on D, certainly for the team, and for him, too! Thanks, Orian, nice writeup!


This 100%. Of course I’m happy to roll with the guys we get but Huerter would have fit like a glove here. You wonder if what could have been crosses his mind. I know they had a decent year last year but looking at what our guys did last year and this year has to make the mind wander.


Basically just replace Ibi with Huerter… Possibly could have kept many people wanting to fire Beilein last year as well as that would have been a pretty darn good recruiting class.


Huerter, Langford, and Cormac Ryan are 3 guys who I think would have flourished in this system to a much higher degree than they will at their respective schools - obviously complete speculation with Ryan. I don’t consider them “misses” on our end, and I do love most of the guys we have hauled in the past few years (including 2018), but I think the 3 aforementioned might have passed up major opportunities to be drafted, and/or drafted higher.


So I realize it might be sacrilegious but in our system, is Heurter as good as Stauskas? Better?


I’m not a huge fan of comparing player to player within our system (even though our own coach often does this!), but I think Huerter and Langford would have had a chance to have BRILLIANT Junior seasons. There are so many other variables and the roster composition would probably be different, but I don’t think either of them would have been able to take away enough minutes from MAAR to be superstars before next season.

Granted, I could be off on that with positional flexibility. Interesting to think about regardless, but I am still happy with the guys on this squad and can’t wait to see JPoole blossom moving forward instead.