Michigan at Maryland Discussion Thread




From last year’s team we lost Walton, Irvin, Donnal and Wilson. At the end of the season, we were 10-8 in B1G and 20-11 overall.

This year we finished the B1G 13-5 and are 24-7 overall.

So far, they have exceeded my expectations. On to the post season.



These are the Torvik rankings since our loss at Northwestern.

OSU at 31 and Purdue at 37.


This quote shows how much JB’s comfort has grown and he has begun to trust Poole


What’s more, we drew just about the toughest schedule we could get. We played all of MSU/OSU/PU/Neb/PSU/MD on the road, not to mention UW.


Michigan has had 9(!) Quadrant 1-2 road games! Only 4 at home and only 1 neutral!


Wow, we’re now #14 on Kenpom!



This team is awesome. It’s reaching its potential now. Stick with the lineup as it is now. It’s a great blend of strengths and balance. The more I watch them the more I’m convinced their top ten level good. Few teams in country can match our balance/ depth. If we avoid a few teams come selection Sunday there is no doubt in my mind this team makes a serious run. That said no team in the country really scares me besides a duke team clicking on all cylinders. Even then I think we can run with them.

We need a couple wins in the big ten tourney but if we achieve say even 2 and get seeded below a 4 or 5, I’m going to drive to wherever the committee meets and line them up in a row and run down the line slapping them in the face.


I think that’s pretty accurate based off the work done. Imagine if we didn’t crap the bed versus Ohio state and lsu. Team could have 5 losses with two of them against a Purdue team that was unconscious each time. Imagine they get one of those as they played well enough to beat anyone in country except Purdue in those two given moments and we could be talking a 4 or 5 loss season.

This is a special group


That game could not have gone much better. Rahkman not only showed aggressiveness but efficiency. Wagner showed more passing than ever. Simmons continued his solid streak. X made a three. Matthews got rolling a little late. Robinson is playing solid D and continued to shoot well. Poole kept up his excellent play and showed some nice passing. Hard not to rethink the potential ceiling of the team.

Maryland looked pretty bad though. Hopefully we made them look bad, but there are reasons they’re the 11th defense in the conference.


I often wonder if guards that would be perfect fits like Kevin Huerter, that turn down the chance to be coached by Beilein ,wonder what the hell they were thinking when guards that did sign up to be pros are kicking their butt up and down the court.


Huerter loss was a tough one. He would’ve been a great fit at the two. I guess I always assumed Turgeon was an average coach but above average recruiter. I guess we will find out if he was recruiting fairly, we know Stone was on the take.


I have become convinced that most players don’t look that closely at things like what coaches can make me better or who can get the most out of me. They seem to think more about relationships or what the team has won in the past or is it a blue blood program.


Agree with all of the praise people are putting on this group. Almost everyone has taken it up a notch and is executing better. Just want to give a shout out to the sometimes overlooked Jon Teske. He has been going after it pretty hard. His defense is looking stronger and stronger every game.

Pretty excited about the possibilities of this group making a run.


I’m not over looking him. John looks great off the bench. I’d love to have another year of Wagner but I’m very intrigued by teske and kind of want him to get his shot next year. This is already a good defensive team but think about if teske was manning the middle next year 30 minutes a night. Literally a write up about us would say team strengths: defense. Z, Poole , Mathews , whatever 4 and teske would be one tough team to score on. I almost think you start ignas at the 4 to add more offense. Although I hsfe a feeling livers will develop into a nice weapon next year as well.

This team has a chance to win big now but I’m very excited for the next three years. It’s going to be a special time to be a Michigan fan. Good guy, Clean recruiter beilein will win the day. I wonder what future classes look like if everyone starts playing fair. You gotta think coach b starts landing a 5 star almost every class. At least every other class. I wish shittu had chosen us. I thought we had a real nice shot with him and what coach b could have done with that talent at the 4 would hace been a site to behold.


I wonder how dirty coach k is if at all. If he gets named on this more that would be pretty crazy. I kind of thought he was beilein on steroids. Clean guy who’s reputation and skills preceded him so he didn’t need to cheat. Now this Carter allegation and the top 3 kids in the class signed makes you wonder. I’ll be pissed if Barrett backed off because we wouldn’t pay to play. I’m 100 convinced that battle left for money or some shady benefit.

I have an intersting story about coach boheimand his title team. Involves Jeremy McNeal, billy edelin, Keith Duaney, a joint and borboun street.

Oh yea and the police, bail and a rich Long Island father