Michigan at Maryland Discussion Thread


Noon on Saturday.


Got my tickets–I’m ready. I realized this week that Michigan’s back in the area for the first time since the plane crash / tournament win. How far they’ve come since then! Can’t help but think about the emotional power of that for Rahkman, Wagner, Robinson, and the others.


A great opportunity – winnable game, not much pressure, another chance to build confidence offensively. Focusing on keeping Huerter quiet like last game (until the final minute) is a good strategy, plus having X give Cowan a hard time.



I saw that Coach Turgeon issued a statement on Diamond Stone/Andy Miller and will not be partaking in a pre-Michigan press conference today.


Coach Beilein expects Matthews back next year, at least what his press conference pre Maryland indicates. I think that is probably true and a good thing.

Coach Beilein not so squeaky clean! Doesn’t turn himself into police when he drives 62 in a 55. That was a funny line.


Fricken goose bumps. That was a B-E-A-U-tiful half. Keep it running, no letting up.


Best half I’ve ever seen. We didn’t score for the first 4 minutes. Unbelievable.


Poole and Duncan make this offense soooo good


Charles may be my friend, but he needs his role reduced and maybe even for the rest of the year. We must have Poole out there.


That first-possession travel is clear proof it’s all mental. We all know JB spends countless hours practicing pivoting, the team obviously schemed to get CM downhill at the top of the key. CM put in his time, made the difficult decision to transfer and sit out a year, made the informed decision to transfer to a coach who is known for developing talent; i really feel for the guy and hope he can put it all together. This team’s ceiling is final 4, if he does.


I’m still partial to the MAAR, Poole, Matthews, Duncan, Wagner lineup. That group could beat anyone


Ugh, come on boys


Your boy got going! Looked great in the 2nd half


Last year late in the season DJ Wilson was almost invisible and got things going in the Big 10 tournament. I’m not ready to write off Matthews yet. I think he’s going to be a very important piece for Michigan if we want to make a run in march.


His second half today was probably his best stretch in awhile.


I think one of Beilein’s biggest strengths is he sticks with guys when they are going through bad stretches and tries to build them up. When Duncan was struggling earlier, Matthews currently and Irvin last year, he didn’t bench them. He knows those guys are important parts of the team and have played at high levels before. Just have to keep coaching them up and play through the struggles for the payoff later on.

Really good regular season. I don’t see how anyone could be be disappointed with the results. They are playing their best basketball of the year at the moment. Hopefully, that leads to a successful run in the tournaments.


Not worried about Matthews’ scoring at all. This team has plenty of other scoring options for Matthews to reduce his role to basically just an opportunistic slasher and spot up shooter. His energy, defense, rebounding are his real strengths and they help the team a lot. If he keeps his usage down he won’t turn the ball over as much, and at that point I’d say he’s just fine.


I think Duncan and Poole just work so perfectly off the bench that pulling Matthews would just screw things up.


Poole in double digits scoring for the third game in a row.