Michigan Apparel Discussion

Figured we should move this here and not clog up the NLI thread.

New M Gear Drops this week listed below!

Legacy Shorts - Maize - $115

Michigan quarter zip - $80

92/93 Home whites - $70

Homefield Michigan bball tee - $32


I would like a Michigan monogrammed bathrobe please


I figured you were more of a smoking jacket kind of guy.


I’ll hit up my boy that works at homefield and tell him to get on it.

I’ve been at them to do some different colored joggers for well over a year now. Finally dropping some darker colored ones other than just straight heather grey so maybe this fall?


tracksuits plz


Better make them 100% velour. Then all we need is gold rope chains with a block M charm/pendant.


In like 2004 the velour suit was definitely what the team was wearing.

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What did they have on before the Orange Bowl? I thought the football team had something like that going.

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I wound up getting these. I also found that I had $50 sitting in my PayPal account that I’d forgotten about, so I feel like I got them at a really good price!


I grabbed a pair of those. 19nine’s are great, you’ll love them.

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Grabbed this a couple of weeks back, one of the few things you can get on that site that isn’t straight polyester as Nike loves to do. Pretty comparable to homefield quality with a zip. Alternative apparel is halfway decent. Anyway, good spring hoodie, but basic b as you can get.


Legacy shorts arrived today. Oh baby, probably about as close as you can get to taking a time machine back and boosting a pair from Crisler in 92.

They are about 1-2 inches longer than the regular ones for sale. The no pockets thing does suck, but they are a huge upgrade in material from the normal 19nine’s which are already really well made.

They are reselling for $200+ on ebay already. Sheesh.


My review:

I’ve had the shorts for a few weeks now and have worn them a bunch. The fit is good and the length is more Fab 5 than DJ Wilson/Jordan Poole.

However, I was disappointed that the design is just a print on the shorts. There’s no stitching. I thought the M would be a print but that the maize and blue part would be a stitched-on panel. Every other pair of generic basketball shorts I own have at least 2 panels.
So, they look pretty good from afar but a little cheap from closer. Basically, $20 shorts with a $50 fee for the design. I love the design, so I get the up-charge to an extent.

One other thing: the pockets are shallow. If I put my phone in the pocket, it will almost always fall out when I sit down. So, they get dinged for practicality too. They’d probably be fine to hold your keys or a smaller iPhone.


FYI Shirsy’s of no longer current players are on sale. Naz, Eli, Davante, Houstan, all on here.


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Are these T’s as soft as Homefield? Thinking of grabbing this, but it’s pretty expensive and haven’t purchased from 47 before. Thanks!

Just grabbed me the Eli shirt, as well as a couple more sweatshirts just in time for July :man_facepalming:

@beanman - those '47 shirts are typically very comfy, but if they have the “worn down” logos, make sure you wash on delicate.

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They are a totally different fabric. More of the dri fit Nike stuff than a tri blend, soft still, but in a polyester sort of way that Nike seems to love to make everything out of. They also run a little bit wider and shorter.

Speaking of Homefield, they recently changed distributors to a 50/50 blend made in Mexico from the previous 53/47 made in Guatemala and I am not a fan at all. Sleeves are wider/longer, run about an inch wider on the chest and lose all the athletic fit that made the shirts so great. They also added a lame gold crown logo to every sleeve. I was told it was because the supplier couldn’t keep up with the demand which is understandable, but they are giving up a lot of quality to put out more shirts faster. Was pretty sad about that.

The 47 heather shirts are pretty good quality, but again, anything you get from the M store or Nike is going to be a little shorter and wider on sizes. Merica.

Wow, that’s a pretty bold and disappointing decision from Homefield. Quite surprised, I thought they knew that was part of their bread and butter.

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I actually cancelled midway through the BNS season. They still have great customer service and managed to snag me my last shirt from the Arizona State stock out of the old material as they are getting a few through them before they change fully over, but yeah, I was super disappointed.

They said “It was an unfortunate bit of growing a business” and they were on to ‘bigger and better things’. They certainly got the bigger part right.

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