Maryland at Michigan Discussion Thread


Yes. Per Beilein after the game they were switching everything there.


Eli now 10-39 from three, .256. He’s made one basket in the last eight games. Ouch.



Michigan was 14-of-34 on layups last night against Maryland.


great stat. ugh…looking like my high school team out there last night. I would’ve been screaming “Finish!” from the bench, but JB is so zen sometimes. What a weird game–glad to be on the winning side of one like that.


Interesting that Poole was second option on MAAR’s winning bucket


Charles Matthews has had two last second shots and both times Beilein has been frustrated with him shooting too early or not going to the middle of the floor. Think that he wanted a change :slight_smile:


On the other hand, Wagner and the bench was lighting it up last night. Our starters may not be shooting as well as some past teams, but Poole, Robinson and Teske can provide bench scoring like they did last night.


Matthews not a good option yet… As you noted, Wagner couldn’t rebound a year ago, and two years ago DJ Wilson could barely get on the floor. I’m hopeful Charles will become a better decision maker with experience.


Yeah, it isn’t even that he’s not a good option. I would like him in a side ball screen in late spots, it is just that those final 3 seconds full court plays haven’t worked out well for him :slight_smile:


Pretty good feature on the Rahk Man. Really hoping he gets more moments like these to close out his career…or a D-Walt turn come tourney time.


To be fair, his three pointer at the end of Purdue was crushingly close to going in


Yeah. But I don’t think it was necessarily what Beilein wanted. Beilein said something after the game along the lines of: if he dribble to the middle of the court he could have gotten further and a better look.


Ah, I missed the discussion above. Definitely not the optimal shot.


Absolutely, and it’s what saved us last night offensively. But it puts a lot of pressure on the team overall when the starting 1-3 guys go 7-31 (1-7 3pt,) and 4-7 FT (including those last 2). Also, Simpson, Rahk, and Matthews are providing a lot of other value – defense, rebound, valuing the ball, etc. Our defensive kenpom improved after last night, I believe. And Matthews passing has taken a real step up, as has that of Simpson. But they’re inconsistent shooters (as well as finishers/playmakers), especially as a group, compared to what we’re used to there.


If Matthews’s handle and confidence in it improves, that should help. And of course there’s the FT issue. We’re feeling a lot better with MAAR on the line (or Poole) than we would with Matthews up there.


Rahk, with 1,000 points ranks #52 on UM all time scoring, which is ahead of Jordan Morgan, Stu Douglass, GRIII, Sean Higgins and Tim McCormick among others. With his average of 10.8 per game and a minimum of 13 games remaining, he would score 140 more points. He would need 184 to tie Ricky Green at #40 (along the way passing #46 Nik Stauskas, #45 Caris LeVert and T#43 Campy Russle and Zack Novak.


This is astonishing. And they won with that stat! What a miracle!

Oh, I don’t think he was serene at all about the missed layups. He was mic’d up and he was quite reasonably infuriated.

Interesting - both Matthews and Livers looked utterly lost as to what they were supposed to do there!


Oh, that’s interesting that Coach B was frustrated with him shooting too early. Again, that’s why I wanted a time out to get everyone on the same page - Charles is young in years as a CBB player still…


Vs. Purdue they had a timeout before the FT and had a plan for a miss or a make. So they knew the plan (to not call timeout and push), it was more just doing the right thing once he has the ball in his hands.