Maryland at Michigan Discussion Thread


Fair enough, just felt they had so much time that it wouldn’t have even been timeout leading to a rushed sequence - they could have call TO with 19 or so seconds on the clock - but that’s the last I’ll belabor that. He should have known what to do as per your post, just, in real time, I had a terrible feeling he didn’t.


I think we must be talking about different things? I’m talking about the half court heave against Purdue.

The ball screen play earlier was something that I think Michigan would run again and be pretty happy with how it turned out. Mathias just made a great play.


Thank you for posting this. I wondered if anyone on here would give him credit for being a 1000 point scorer at Michigan! I think it’s fitting that the last five points of those 1000 were critical to our victory last night, and that he so calmly was able to step to the line in a pressure packed situation with the game on the line and knock down those two free throws, hitting nothing bu net in the process. He is such a high character young man. I’m sure glad Coach B recruited him to Michigan. By the way, I’ve had the GREAT privilege of watching all of the players you mentioned in your comment play at Crisler. It was a tough game last night, but it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine fan!


Oh, yes, we are. I was returning to my frustration with our last full possession where we didn’t bring the game down to win or overtime. It’s an old conversation from that Purdue game, so sorry for dredging it up, I thought you meant Coach B was upset that Charles went too soon on the play he lost it out of bounds according to the Zapruder review.


I love MAAR. It has been nothing but a pleasure watching him these four years. Always hustling, great poise, stones for days. Pretty much always courageous in the moment.



I will forever remember MAAR as Dylan’s “third bullet point” recap guy. I mean that as a huge compliment too.

I’ve long said here and to others, throughout MAAR’s career, he’s had a knack for hitting really big shots to spur or halt a run. Plays in the game you don’t necessarily remember, but at the moment were HUGE. He’s been clutch his whole career, he’s just never been “the guy” on the team, so he wasn’t taking the game winning shots we all would remember.


Here’s a stat: Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman has used exactly 16.3% of Michigan’s offensive possessions when he’s been on the floor in his sophomore, junior and senior years. Threw things off with his 16.5% usage as a freshman.


We don’t win the UCLA game without his 3 down double digits, and that was a huge momentum win. Season changer.


Yep, and they don’t win a lot of games the last four years without his clutch contributions (and contribution is general for being a great player).

What’s crazy, is I remember his “coming out party” 4 years ago at Breslin. I can’t believe that was already 4 years ago now.


I was at that game with the Maize Rage. Rahk was absolutely destroying MSU, but had to play limited minutes because they saddled him with bullshit fouls. Infuriating.


Surprise, surprise on BS foul calls in Breslin.

What’s funny about that game, is out of everything, I fully remember his drive and pivot move to score down low. For whatever reason, that always stood out and it was funny to see that in his career highlight video that the Men’s Basketball Twitter feed tweeted out for his 1,000 career points.



Also there’s that dribbling thing.

Twice last night the “sweaty palms” got him.


I remember when scoring a 1000 points was a huge career milestone. You were a big time scorer.

Now with 30+ games every year if you’re a serviceable offensive option as a Frosh and play four years its almost obligatory.

Average 7-8 ppg and you’re there.


Same! That team deserved to win that game, played so dang hard. Probably my favorite game of that brutal season


Well, 3 years ago actually. Four years ago was when Nik gave the Breslin a good-bye kiss!


Good call, three years ago not four!


For me it would either be that Syracuse game that was clinched by the Spike-Doyle alley oop, or the OSU game where Spike destroyed DeAngelo!


Dylan (others)–UMHoopsFan’s answer is a qualified no. What do you think? Does this team still have much better shooting in it, provided growing confidence, spacing, etc., or is it just one of Beilein’s more limited shooting squads? And building from that, what is this team’s ceiling? Where can more scoring come from? Are there other phases where further serious growth can be expected? The transition D is already marvelous, and Mo has become a devil on the defensive board. . .