Maryland at Michigan Discussion Thread


Yeah, constant mediocrity is not what that program expects.


Really? He went 38-16 in his first 3 years in the B1G. I mean, they haven’t had great success in the tourney, but in the 6 years before he got there they only made the tourney 3 times and never made it out of the first second round.


I think it has to do with the great stretch they had in the early 2000’s, they just have their hearts set on better things, despite Turgeon not being bad necessarily. He’s certainly had some underachieving teams post season wise, and if you look at his kenpom “luck” ratings (AKA close games) the Big Ten record can be explained pretty well.


For context on that 38-16 record, they went 8-0 on conference games decided by 6 points or less in 2015 (The year they went 14-4 in the B10 and blew up the hype). Some luck there.


Wow, I didn’t go through specific games. That stat is crazy.


Yeah, it seems like Turgeon has been lucky (and having Trimble for 3 years has something to do with that). Still, averaging 13 wins in the B1G is pretty good, and you kind of have to let the luck run out before you ditch the guy. I do think that their run in the early 2000s must’ve a lot to do with it, but those were literally their only two Final Four appearances ever and they’ve only had 4 E8 appearances. It’s not like they’ve been a basketball blue blood.


Yeah, I think he’s safe at least another year. Tough to fire a guy after the injuries they’ve dealt with.


Watched the game and just saw the highlights again, did MAAR commit lane violations on both of his FTs at the end? Not that those ever get called really, just looked like he did to me.


He can step over once he releases that ball, right? That’s how it seems to be called currently.


Oh, you might be right. I thought it had to hit the rim first.


It might have to (it seems like it would be weird to have an exception for the shooter), but I feel like I always see shooters falling forward before it hits. I think it’s just something they don’t call.


Can I get anyone else to second me on that being an illegal (moving) screen? It’s plain as day on the replay and I thought I saw it live. Are we sure they were switching on the screen, because Charles didn’t seem in on it? He seemed to try to fight through the screen and he somehow has a nasty habit of sticking like glue to a screen, but their big man was totally moving on that. I know it’s a hard call to make in that spot, but it was 100% the right call, imo.


Just watched it. It was moving. I feel like it was decently subtle though. Not surprised it wasn’t called even with the ref looking right at it.

Not sure whether or not they were switching. I don’t get why you wouldn’t be switching everything, but Matthews is trying superhard to fight through the screen, and Livers doesn’t seem to be playing defense at all like he should be switching (he doesn’t even seem to realize that his man is setting a screen).


I kind of think he was moving enough that it was pretty risky. Then again, those guys had a full game of knowing what they were and weren’t getting away with so they would know better than I would how not subtle it had to be before it was worth worrying about.


Pretty sure shooter has to wait til it hits ring. High school made the switch a year or two ago to that rule.


I don’t really mind the no call because it was consistent with the rest of the game.


Are you sure about that? What I’m reading says that in 2014-15 they made it so the free throw shooter could enter the free throw semi-circle after releasing the ball? “The free-throw shooter is the only player allowed in the semicircle prior to the ball contacting the ring or backboard.”

But I confess I’m not sure what the “free throw semicircle” is


Yeah, I’d have to rewatch. It was a game that I got pretty emotional during (frustrated - then elated - then concerned - then in despair - then with great relief, lol) and was watching on short sleep so there were things I was paying attention to and then some stuff I probably missed. I don’t recall having a problem with moving screens during the game.


Free throw semicircle is the semicircle at the top of the key that the free throw shooter shoots from. Everyone must be outside of the 3 point line unless you are lined up in the designated spots right outside the paint.

Not sure what the college rule is on when you can step in the paint


That’s what I thought (about what the semicircle is) and now I get what they’re saying - the whole thing is about not letting a defender throw a backside into the FT shooter until the ball hits the rim - what I quoted has nothing to do with the FT shooter being allowed in the lane or not. It looks like technically you’re not supposed to be allowed to step over the line as the FT shooter until there’s contact with the rim.