Maryland at Michigan Discussion Thread




Free Poole


Backup point guard is a complete mess. Go to MAAR and Poole. He will get more comfortable as a ball handler, he clearly has the vision, passing ability, shot creation and shooting to keep the offense running for a 4-5 minute stretch.


I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this happens long term. It happened for a few moments today. Especially if Michigan ever gets a chance to practice.


This would also give a guy like Duncan more of a chance to get minutes.


Exactly, Livers, Matthews, Poole, Duncan, MAAR all deserve minutes. Tough to come by with the current sub pattern. We’ve got an incredible 8 man rotation. Brooks and Simmons are nowhere close to Duncan, Poole or Teske in the value they can add right now. Hopefully he trims it down and gives that lineup a chance against Nebraska, I truly think the last big “development” this team hasn’t unlocked yet is unleashing JP.


Count me in with the backup PG being the MAAR/Poole backcourt.


Yeah, it would shock me if we don’t shift to that 8 man rotation. The whole reason Beilein invented his offense was to get around not having a singular point guard. We’ll be fine playing Rahk and Poole together.


If we prove to be able to use that lineup situationally, that could be the answer for free throws in close games too. MAAR, Poole, Duncan, Livers, Wagner. Problem solved.


In a Mic’ed Up video Fox tweeted, one of the clips is JB saying something along the lines of “Eli’s gotta hit those shots, baby. We’re getting him wide open.”


The thing about X in the late game situations is that you want him on the floor for defense instead of Poole.


Yeah, I think you have to make X the inbounder


Yeah that’s very true. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of up 8 with 2 to go like against MSU when we know they’re going to foul and we’re kind of just backing off defensively so we don’t do something stupid…definitely want Z in still up 2 with 20 seconds left.


That was a very nice pass from Livers. Beilein wasn’t fooling anybody with that play Turgeon knew it was coming, but M executed well and the Maryland guard got caught a little out of position.

I like Turgeon; seems like a nice guy. He was devestated for his team. I know the feeling very well from last Tuesday



That was a classy interview from Turgeon. He’s also a good coach.


Obviously internet comments right after a heartbreaking loss are some of the most irrational places, but Maryland fans seem about done with him.


I think it’s understandable. Check their KP rankings with him: image

They are just never quite that good. That 2016 season has to particularly hurt. They were ordained a top 5 team and really failed to live up to expectations.


Re: back up pg. I think you guys are right that it should be rahk now. He has to know the offense inside and out by now and although he doesn’t provide much in terms of playmaking for others, neither do brooks or Simmons.

Brooks looks like he has lost all confidence. Early in the year he was far more aggressive looking to make plays. Now he just moves the ball and shoots open threes (of which I can’t even remember his last make). Hard to justify giving him minutes especially bc his defense is still below average.

Simmons finally showed something tonight with that tough finish in the first half but he still looks awkward trying to run the offense. Plus his defense isn’t that great either.