Los Angeles Lakers select Moritz Wagner with No. 25 pick


BOOM! Been hoping he’d be the pick! Makes perfect sense. Now gotta hope they don’t package him for Kawhi :grimacing:

YEAHHHH MOE!!! Even if they miss out on LBJ and Kawhi…Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma, Wagner is a fun fun core


That’s really pretty damn amazing

Beilein’s resumè of first round picks is becoming quite absurd. So glad we have him as our coach!


MOE MONEY!!! Congrats big fella!!!

I’m not an NBA guy how does moe fit with the lakers?

I think it is hard to evaluate the Lakers until you know whether LeBron is on the team.

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Didn’t Kawhi say he wants to sign with them after his contract ends even if the Spurs don’t trade him to them this year?

Also, people remember the Ward ankle murder, but I think I have a different favorite Wagner play…


Interesting Chauncey Billups compared Wagner to Mehmet Okur. I don’t think Wagner is that talented but I guess we will see. Effort won’t be an issue. That’s for sure.

Very happy for Moe.

I started to think Wagner might be a first rounder after the Minnesota game. I thought Murphy might muscle Moe but it never happened. In fact Wagner clearly bothered Murphy. It was one in a series of Big Ten games where Wagner dominated the other teams 5. Made me a believer

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Yeah but even if Lebron comes they needed shooting badly. Moe obviously gives them that.

For that reason, wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Duncan is on their Summer League team too.

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The DraftExpress guys (now at ESPN), have him at 49th on their big board and 45th in their mock draft. They’re by far the best in the business and they evaluated him recently.

The fact is that Mo’s frame, athleticism, length and overall defensive ability will always limit his NBA upside.

Ha! What a dumbass!


Here is what RealGM.com projected for 25th pick in last years draft.

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I’m just thrilled for him.

Duncan not playing for the Lakers but he is joining DWalt on the Heat Summer League team.


I think Wagner was underrated - 2d round projections were absurd.

I’m thrilled that he gets to play on the biggest stage and has a chance to play with LeBron.

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“I don’t think Wagner is that talented but I guess we will see.”

JJ3, I think Mo is every bit as talented as Okur, if not more. Remember, Okur was 23 his rookie season with the Pistons, so therefore a little bigger physically. I think Mo will be that size in two years as well. My thoughts.

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He was ranked #2 amongst centers in the draft for all of the speed and agility related measurables, but yeah he lacks athleticism. I swear these guys just go based on hype and write their own reasoning.

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