Looks like Michigan at Rutgers will be at MSG

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UM should rotate a game in LA and NYC yearly.

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You mean for the NET? A neutral game.

From the article:

The basketball game is also expected to technically be a Michigan home game.

So Michigan plays at Rutgers and Rutgers at MSG per the report. UM only plays nine Big Ten home games.

How exactly does this kind of thing get decided?

So that is considered a neutral game for NET purposes even though it’s technically Michigan’s home game? That could be good in the long run (as long as they win). Potentially 2 Q1 wins despite it being a mediocre team

Yes. The NET counts what the game is. So Michigan has 9 league home games, 10 road and one neutral.

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I’m not in favor of giving up any conference home game in favor of a gimmick event at MSG. That’s for early season tournaments.


Yep. If Michigan had a say in this I’m disappointed that they said yes.


Actually, it’s Rutgers at Michigan in MSG. We lose a home game, but it will probably make the alums in NYC happy.

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I’m for this. Ain’t nobody excited about a game at Crisler against Rutgers. Lot of pluses for playing at MSG.


9 game win streak at MSG, great opportunity for 10 in a row.

Forces two exra flights and less sleep in the middle of conference play, not to mention giving up the tremendous advantage of home court and familiar surroundings for 1 of only 20 conference games.

Michigan doesn’t need to do this, and it would be nice to see us prioritize winning over gimmicky marketing for a change. Poor strategic decision.

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Makes sense from the Big Ten to get Michigan back in the game. Check out the attendance numbers for Big Ten Day:


Not sure how much of it is Michigan versus the Big Ten. I assume this is part of B1G Super Saturday (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B1G_Super_Saturday) which is a conference thing. Different than Ohio State playing a Big Ten game at the United Center last year which was an Illinois idea.

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Well if UM had no choice then okay, too bad we don’t have more political influence at the Big Ten level.

I get why Illinois would need to do something gimmicky to drum up support in Chicago, especially with their rivals recruiting the area so well. But one of the advantages of being Michigan is that you don’t need to do stuff like this.

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Yeah, it is a Big Ten thing but tough to say what degree Michigan could have thrown a fit to get out of it.

Should turn out to be a nice SOS hack though. I would imagine it would take what would have been a Rutgers home game and bump it up a quadrant based on being a neutral game instead.

Just a guess but I also wonder if this means that Michigan will play at Rutgers in December.


Wait so this is a home game we are losing? That really blows. Based on the thread title I thought this was Rutger’s home game, not ours. Booooooo!

If Rutgers can manage to be a top 50 team, it can be a Quad 1 game. More likely it guarantees it will be a Quad 2 game, instead of having a chance to be a Q3

Correct, Rutgers has to be top 100 to be a Q2 game instead of top 75.

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MSG is a dump. That is all.