Late tip for Michigan-UCLA

Ok, yeah that’s what I was thinking.

I hate that Michigan is at a late night game which is bad for us fans. I get why the TV guys do it but I hate it at the same time

This is a huge advantage for UCLA. Guarantees we will lose


Rough that they’re making a team playing just about past midnight play the early Tuesday game against a team that was done by 4 pm. Just why.

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First time in Elite 8 in 13 years. a lot of UCLA fans will come out from their hidings,


Honestly, I was more worried by our early tip against Indiana a couple weeks ago right after a night game against Iowa. Mornings and all that, college guys that like to stay up late?

Well, Indiana fired their coach, so that obviously went fine. I’d be interested in hearing how coaches in various sports cope with late games like this, but my guess is that Juwan just tells the guys to sleep in an extra hour or two tomorrow and sets the schedule later, and guys adapt.

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“Come out from their hidings,” which means putting a UCLA pin on their Lakers tshirts.


You think only having 43 hours between games makes any difference?

I don’t know. Maybe? I’m just thinking one team gets more than that full rest day in tomorrow and one team not as much. Honestly, I have no idea.

At least if the worst happens we can say that we were among the 5 last teams in the tournament lol


I have a 6-10 Tuesday zoom class (Did I think I’d be back taking classes at 30, no. But life does its thing) so, while acknowledging the suckiness of this for everyone else…

F*** yes I can watch!!!


I will be seeing patients until 8 pm so personally I couldn’t be happier we got the late tip.


I’m a college educator and have a recording session for a jazz group I coach and it begins at 7:30. I was stressing about how I could be professional and still watch the game.

I’m back taking classes at 40, so here we are.


As much as I would like to have been assigned the early tip, I AM glad so many Michigan fans including some of our brothers (and sisters?) here on umhoops will be able to watch the game live! Since this old man’s bedtime is 10:30, 11:00 at the latest I just have to figure out how to keep this old body awake until midnight…and beyond for what hopefully will be a GREAT MICHIGAN celebration! Of course, Wednesday will be really tough, but we’ll just have to worry about that on Wednesday! For now, GO BLUE, Maize n Blue that is!!!


With Doctor Midnight on our side, who can withstand us?


I imagine the calculus is pretty sophisticated. We know, for example, that M has a lot of fans all over, including on the West Coast–so they’re not just pulling UCLA but M fans there, too. If you assume the strong pull of the team everywhere, and conclude that a lot of people in the midwest and east will stay up to watch anyway, then perhaps you have a rationale for a late start time.

Not saying this is the exact reasoning, but that such considerations likely factor.

EDIT: Or maybe USC just has serious pull. Mike Vaccaro notes their “massive Q rating”:

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I’m between your ages. I raise a glass for the grind.


how did we also get the worst of the 4 broadcasting crews???


It’s interesting because I would have thought that Harlan/Bonner would be the “A crew” but Nantz is in the night slot on Monday night. :man_shrugging: