Late tip for Michigan-UCLA

Michigan vs. UCLA tips at 9:57 pm on Tuesday on TBS (Lucas Oil South).

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What a joke


That’s surprising. Seems like it would make sense to put the Gonzaga/Pac-12 matchup there


never like it when my heart rate is that high that late at night


I presume UCLA’s body clocks have adjusted EDT at this point. Won’t stop me from making that excuse if we lose though


That is just so wrong in so many ways. So much for the safety and consideration for the players. And what about consideration for all of the parents, and Alumni? It’s all about the :moneybag:

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This makes no sense. None. It probably hurts TV ratings.

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yuck. I’m gonna have to sleep in that morning and call out of work.

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Really thought they would be the 7 game with the two west coast teams being the late game. Don’t make sense UM and UCLA will be bigger draw a 730 game would have made more sense.

Only Eastern Time Zone team remaining in the tourney is playing at 10pm local time geez. At least I can watch while my kids are sleeping.


Can anyone explain this?

I’m trying and I can’t make it make sense.

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CBS must believe that there are more UCLA fans on the west coast than Gonzaga and USC combined.


Only thing that makes any sense is CBS is guaranteeing themselves the LA market in the night game. Why not just wait another hour before deciding?


I mean, 9pm, a regular CBB time slot, is already a pretty late tip. I get up at 5 am. This is suboptimal.

But I’ll be college guys know how to function into the night. They’ll probably be ok.

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What about game recappers, though?


Them being a bigger draw means more people will watch the other game now. If the other game is second less people stay up to watch that, maybe that’s why?

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NVM they aren’t even the same network, so yeah I got nothing. That’s annoying.

Is UCLA even a big draw these days? Their average attendance is 6,000 spectators…

Both games are on TBS.

I think this is pretty simply they put the better (as far as TV intrigue) game in the second slot. Michigan is usually going to be in the better game.