Kameron Chatman at USA Basketball Tryouts

He’s listed at 6’6 197 on the USA Basketball site. Fwiw

He's listed at 6'6 197 on the USA Basketball site. Fwiw

Those have been posted for a while though, don’t think they are actually measured heights.

He is doing a Q+A

He is 6’7’’ btw

He is doing a Q+A

He is 6’7’’ btw

From the chat: “I’m 6-7 on the dot!”

#50 in the background of the pic looks like Jalen Brunson.

#50 in the background of the pic looks like Jalen Brunson.
He's also at tryouts.

I was gonna say, I hope he strikes up a Friendship and gets in the ear of Jalen Brunson.

Would be nice, but Brunson is all about gone IMO.

Posted the quotes on the front page as well.

Dylan, are U18 games streamed anywhere?

Dylan, are U18 games streamed anywhere?

Good question, not sure either way.

Guards (height, weight, wingspan, standing reach)

Antonio Blakeney, HS Sr.: 6’3.5, 177.4, 6’7.75, 8’3.75

Isaiah Briscoe, HS Sr.: 6’3, 219.7, 6’9, 8’4.5

Jalen Brunson, HS Sr.: 6’1.5, 194, 6’3.5, 8’0

Tyler Dorsey, HS Sr. (Arizona commit): 6’4.25, 178, 6’3.5, 8’2.75

Austin Grandstaff, HS Sr. (Ohio St. commit): 6’3.5, 194.1, 6’5, 8’2

Tyus Jones, Duke Fr.: 6’0.75, 191.2, 6’5.25, 8’0.75

Malachi Richardson, HS Sr. (Syracuse commit): 6’3.25, 198.8, 7’0, 8’7

Justin Simon, HS Sr. (Arizona commit): 6’4.25, 192.1, 6’11.25, 8’7.5

Allonzo Trier, HS Sr.: 6’3.25, 193.5, 6’6, 8’4

Glynn Watson, HS Sr.: 6’0, 158.9, 6’2, 7’10.5

Wings/Frontcourt (height, weight, wingspan, standing reach)

Leron Black, Illinois Fr.: 6’6.5, 225.1, 6’11.5, 8’9

Jaylen Brown, HS Sr.: 6’6.5, 217.1, 6’11.5, 8’8.5

Kameron Chatman, Michigan Fr.: 6’6.75, 217.6, 6’11, 8’9

Marquese Chriss, HS Sr. (Washington commit): 6’8.75, 210.2, 7’1, 8’9.5

Jakeenan Gant, Missouri Fr.: 6’9, 207.2, 7’0, 8’9.5

Chase Jeter, HS Sr.: 6’9.75, 226.1, 7’1, 9’1

Stanley Johnson, Arizona Fr.: 6’6.75, 242.7, 6’11.5, 8’8

Luke Kennard, HS Sr. (Duke commit): 6’4.75, 189, 6’5, 8’3.5

Tyler Lydon, HS Sr. (Syracuse commit): Flight issues, missed measurements

Dwayne Morgan, UNLV Fr.: 6’7, 206, 7’0, 8’10

Myles Turner, Texas Fr.: 6’10, 242.5, 7’4, 9’3

Thomas Welsh, UCLA Fr.: 7’0, 241.5, 6’11, 9’3.5

Justise Winslow, Duke Fr.: 6’6, 229.1, 6’10, 8’7

Stephen Zimmerman, HS Sr.: 6’10, 241.2, 7’2.75, 9’1


Wow Kam with a 6’11 wingspan! Nice! Add that to DJ Wilson’s 7’3 and Doyle’s 7’2 and our incoming freshmen have some serious length!

Sounds like Kameron Chatman was cut today.

Sounds like Kameron Chatman was cut today.

Still hard for me to believe that Kam is only 8 months older than Josh Jackson, and Jackson has TWO years of HS left! Kam is a wonderful prospect and I hope he continues to grow and develop under our staff.

Team USA is dead to me!

With a name like sven it already should have been!

Reality is these kids don’t have much practice time to gauge how each player fits within a structured system. so I think athleticism has a huge influence on roster selection. Kam is by no means a great athlete, so he probably isn’t going to stand out in an open court/transition type of game.

That being said, I think Kam is great for Michigan. Smaller version of Lamar Odom or a better shooting Boris Diaw. He has the ability to make a huge impact on the game without scoring. The key for Kam will be how well he defends the paint and rebounds. I think he has the potential to really flourish in college from the point forward spot, less upside in the NBA unless he grows. Really looking forward to seeing him suit up in 5 months.