Juwan has called


Gotta believe recruits would take notice. Keep the current assistants for at least one season, then reevaluate their roles after 2020.


Ehhh, Howard May be a good recruiter but beyond that it’s all ???


He would have the name power and has learned the craft in the NBA.


How is he as a developer of talent? He’s not known as an Xs & Os guy, has never coached in college, recruited nor been a head coach, he’s a complete unknown and he wouldn’t even be considered a candidate if he didn’t play here


The Lakers asked for permission to interview Juwan for their HC job. He was also a candidate for the Cavs job.

He’s going to be a head coach before long.


Can’t argue with points above, but he has interviewed for NBA jobs, which tells me the league thinks he can coach. Additionally, folks within the Michigan family believe he is the one candidate without heading coaching experience that should receive an interview.


Maybe bring in Juwan with an agreed upon timeline. Have him keep the current assistants and sign them to good contracts to stay for the same period. Adding Juwan and continuity with Yak, Saddi, Haynes might = a good foundation while we look for the guy 3 (or so years from now). Juwan uses it to launch into an NBA job, the assistants still have a shot at the big chair. Win win?


Vanderbilt just hired an NBA star with pro coaching experience/no college coaching experience. And seems to be generating positive early returns on the recruiting trail. Still TBD how it will play out on the court.

Juwan seems to have a strong coaching future. If he surrounds himself with college assistants, reasonable path for success. Wouldn’t be my top choice right now, but not a bad option either, IMO


2 things with juwan

  1. Would he be penny or Ewing on the recruiting trail?
  2. UM would likely always be a stepping stone for him to the nba


Don’t forget Juwan’s son Jace is still in high school, thus I would guess some AAU connections.


This isn’t Vanderbilt


His youngest son is tracking to be a big timer. Also I dont know how close Jaden mcdnaiels is to Howard (his uncle) but if he is I have too imagine um would become the favorite for mcdaniels if Howard was hired.


Vanderbilt has been declining pretty steadily for years and after the Bryce Drew disaster I’m guessing their AD figured, “What the hell, it literally can’t get any worse than zero conference wins.” Might as well go for an outside-the-box hire when you’re in that scenario. Michigan is not in that scenario.


This DetNews piece says John may hire Juwan Howard at Cleveland. Might say something about his abilities and/or his desired trajectory:


wonder if Beilein is going to bring Yak with him


Sam has said maybe.


I almost for Nik is with the Cav’s…maybe new life!


With the good guy narrative let’s see if we can gain traction with a rumor that JB realized nobody else in the league was going to get the most out of Sauce so JB made the sacrifice!


Juwan is not my dream hire, but beyond Beard, Barnett and Wright, he will be one of the most sensible hire. Juwan had one of the longest NBA career and did so largely with his brain. He is unproven but if he wants the job badly, he should be seriously considered.


I think I just read that Juwan is a candidate for JB’s assistant coach.