July Evaluation Period Sightings

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Michigan watching Wilkes


Still tracking Eastern

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Any sights of where JB was today?

No real downside, I guess, if he’s not deciding until spring. A ton can happen between now and then.

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I wonder if they are trying to sell him as a “PG” in the same way that LeVert and sophomore year Stauskas were. Clearly the main playmaker and the guy who runs the offense but defends the opponents’ wings.

I’m glad we’re still tracking him. He’s big enough to play (defend) the 2/3 if needed. Matthews could play the 3. If it came down to it, maybe they think they could pick him up along with a true 4 like Young to finish the class. PG Brooks, Combo Eastern, 2/3 Poole, 3 Matthews, 4 Young

Not ideal but I feel like the coaches are keeping a broader net open this recruiting season so they don’t stub their toe in the end.

The only issue I see is that he can’t shoot, and those guys could.

Darius Morris couldn’t shoot and he did just fine. On offense, he’d be the PG. on the other end, he’d guard the two or three. Morris was capable of guarding the two as well since he was 6’4".

That’s fine, but I think Simpson’s outside shot is a bit of a weakness for him, too. It’s highly unlikely we’ll be playing any combination of guards where two of three can’t shoot from the outside consistently. I’m not opposed to continuing to recruit Eastern, but I’ll bet guys like Carmody, Ryan, and in the 2017 class Cain and Smith become more of a priority.

I said when the brooks news broke we should stay on eastern, particularly if he’s truly interested and a realistic target. He’s too talented not to. As mentioned above too he could be a pg/ball handler but as a 2/3 in our style of play, and on d.

This could work well with x, Jordan, Charles and Eli, it’s kind of like the Langford situation. Not sure if he was interested after battle but if so you take both and iron out the details later. Too good not too.Take eastern as your “3” than add your 4 and we’re ready to go.

Very interested to see this shake out

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