July Evaluation Period Sightings

Looks like a solid player from that film

From the live feed, nikeeyb.com it looks like Meyer and Saddi are watching Meanstreets and their crew. Beilein is watching Kyle Young and King James.

Beilein front and center for Davison. Sitting in same spot as he was watching Kyle Young. Right on mid court.

Another from last night, Beilein watching Kyle Young

Kimani Lawrence is a kid I really like on film

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Kimani would be very good. very.

Need to get him in some Jumpman gear soon!

Young is probably the one guy I want most of the 4 spot targets. He’s not the highest rated or the best athlete, but there is just something about his game that I think would be a great fit at Michigan.

Coaches are back on the road today at 5p.m. Should be interesting where they are spotted now that everyone isn’t congregated at Peach Jam.