2018 Recruiting Notes

Can Kithier play the 4 in Michigan’s offense?

Haven’t seen a ton of him, but I think so. He’d be more of a four playing the four than a three or a bigger wing playing the four.

JB loves Kithier. His offer is waiting in hand. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t eventually end up at M.

@umhoops have the Michigan coaches watched Kevin Easley at all? Just curious because he was a name to watch around the June 15th time frame but haven’t heard/seen his name anywhere recently.

Watched him today.

My guess is, this isn’t true but maybe we have shown some interest?

Who is that kid? I don’t have Twitter so… I’ve seen him post about the city rock Rochester kids before. He looks like he’s 7

Should post this here as well… Getting the 2018 profiles going:

Also trying to add videos to the profiles, like this:

New name: Jamal Bieniemy


In speaking with Bieniemy’s father, Troy, there are three programs that have been a bit more vocal compared to others with the intriguing talent. “UCLA, Oklahoma State, and Michigan probably speak with us the most,” he stated. While no offers have been given just yet from the trio of schools, that should all change as the junior guard continues to work on his game and prove the doubters wrong about what he is capable of doing on the basketball playing floor.

Cormac Ryan with some national pub

Middlesex Magic/Crotty 2018 shooting guard Cormac Ryan popped up on the national radar after averaging 21 points per game at Milton (Mass) Academy and he has continued his solid play on the travel circuit.

Using almost textbook jump-shooting form, Ryan knocked down perimeter shots off the bounce and the catch – splashing three beyond the arc – and finished at the rim, along with proving to be a solid defender. Ryan has a great feel for the game and advanced basketball IQ. The shooting guard/wing, was first offered by Boston College while Rice, Davidson, Pennsylvania, Tulane, St. John’s, DePaul have also extended invites for Ryan to join their program.

“I like those guys,” Ryan said of Boston College. “They have a great staff over there; it’s right down the street. Those guys have been real good to me and shown a lot of interest.”

Speaking of interest, Boston College, Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Clemson, Indiana and Florida were among the coaches watching Ryan Thursday morning.

Great. My favorite '18 recruit is bout to get poached by Duke.

Cormac Ryan blowin up

Class of 2018 shooting guard Cormac Ryan of the Middlesex Magic/Crotty made big shots as well as clutch plays at both ends of the floor to push his team to wins in two 17U Silver games.

In the quarterfinals Ryan had 31 points, made five three-pointers and dunked on a kid. In a four-overtime semifinal win over Baltimore United Black, Ryan made key defensive plays, had a clutch finish at the rim through traffic to force double overtime, knocked down two free throws late in the third overtime and finished with 27 points.

Ryan has gone from “who is that guy” to a four-star prospect who will crack the 2018 rankings in Orlando this week.

Following the free throws in the third overtime, Ryan’s knee band came loose as he ran back on defense. When he tossed it out of bounds one high major assistant coach almost dove on it like a garter belt at a wedding.

Better have been Saddi!!


Jerome Hunter seems like one to track. Beilein has watched him a couple times out in Vegas. Already has early offers from Dayton and Xavier.

I love Ryan’s game, been saying it since the first video was posted a few months back. He can flat out play, and there are a few programs in particular (UM included) that run an offense perfect for him. Hope we stay on him