Josh jackson

Just saw his summer highlights,he needs to be a priority. I want him first above any other 2016 recruit. You can’t teach what he has.

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Figure I would bump this prescient thread in light of recent developments. There was some ambiguity regarding the appropriate thread in which to discuss this exciting, evolving saga.

Is it exciting and evolving?

Not giving up till that LOI is signed, sealed and delivered.

Apparently we’ve “inquired” – a good first step.

Don’t take this the wrong way buddy, but you may be the first person I’ve ever met that is more optimistic than Pollyanna. :smirk: No shot he comes here.

I’d get it out of your head. The guy who said we reached out now believes it is not a possibility.

Although I am generally optimistic, this was more of a protest bump since my thought experiment (about how the single addition of a lethal 5-star wing would change the whole complexion of the roster) was deleted due to being off-topic.

What’d I miss?

Can someone please fill me in with what happened. I am not aware…

Nothing has happened. Carry on.

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That’s what I assumed

Jackson is really damn good, very smooth in how he plays. I understand he won’t be coming here but I have no idea why he wasn’t more of a priority. These guys don’t come around very often they need to be prioritized appropriately.

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Because his recruitment by most accounts is completely dirty?

He’s holding a press conference in Detroit to sign. This probably isn’t good for those of us hoping he doesn’t pick MSU.

Because Ed Martin happened?

I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t pick Kansas.

According to who?

Jackson looked awesome in the McD All American game. So athletic, smooth and versatile. Even by the standards of elite wings (Brown, Wiggins), I think he’ll make a massive impact from day one. Langford quietly notched 12 pts in 14 minutes and made his only three attempt of the night. Frustrating reminder of what we missed there.

Rounding out the in-state recruits, Bridges looked a bit out of shape.

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If his recruitment is dirty why would Michigan reach out to Jackson in the past week or so? This narrative has to stop with saying this recruitment is dirty, this guy is getting a duffle bag full of money. Unless there’s actual proof of that the excuses need to stop.

It’s not fair to the kid to speculate on his recruitment being dirty with no proof.

But, I’m tired of seeing the comment that UM reaching out implies it’s not dirty. That doesn’t prove anything. Maybe the fact that he still hasn’t committed made JB want to check in and see if there was the off chance he could swoop in at the last moment.

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