Jordan Poole, Charles Matthews declare for NBA Draft

This would leave an out for Poole. But it doesn’t sound like he’s looking for one in any way. Three darned players is. . . ouch. Caring so much about this stuff is becoming a serious hardship for me–my wife is shouting at me to grow up!


"I am confident that with my faith in God and hard work that I, and my family, are prepared to look at all options and make the right decision for the next step of my playing career.”

That sounds like Poole is leaving the door open to returning. I mean if he doesn’t get invited to the combine he’s gonna have to at least consider it. Although it wasn’t about to stop Matthews til he got injured last summer


And now of course every idiot with a social media account is gonna bash them

That’s the problem! Already starting. Sad part is the idiots are heard loudest.

I don’t get any bashing about declaring. This has been the correct path for all three. Just surprised Iggy is all-in already.


Well you, I, and everyone else knew Matthews was never coming back. They already recruited over him.
Poole isn’t gone yet. Don’t eat your chickens before they hatch.

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So, what are the rules for recruiting over these spots. Does UM have to wait until after the return deadline in late May to sign replacements? If UM were to sign replacements, would we have to take a player back that wanted out of the draft? Confusing times.

If you recruit over a player who is testing the waters, then they would have to transfer (or someone else would have to transfer) if they return.

Actually, if they are invited to the combine, they could return to school if they are undrafted. That could push things out to late June. It will be interesting.

That scenario is just so tough for schools though. Only way they still have a spot open is if they just missed on any recruits.

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Only if they follow very specific guidelines, which they will definitely not follow. For example, agents are not allowed to pay for or setup workouts. Once a player full decides to declare, the agent will start paying for those and the player will be ineligible to come back.

The “undrafted and come back” scenario is not realistic.

So your opinion is that every player who says they are going to hire an agent but retain their eligibility is lying? I guess I’m unclear about that and why so many people would say it then.

Here’s a good explainer on the rules

3. Once they officially sign with an agent, players can only accept the following benefits: transportation, lodging and meals related to meeting with the agent or conducting workouts with NBA teams. Players do not have to pay back these expenses if they elect to return to school. Agents cannot pay for training, nutritionists, or “services of other professionals,” although players can access those services by paying the “going rate” themselves. Agents cannot help players secure loans, including for disability or loss of value insurance. The NBA pays for players’ expenses to attend the combine or G League Elite Camp, and teams are allowed to cover expenses associated with attending private workouts.

I’m not saying player X or player Y is returning to school but I don’t think the whole rule is BS?


I’m saying that they’ll follow the rules until the initial May deadline, and after that point, if they stay in the draft, they willl not follow them. Because at that point they think they are getting drafted at a level they are happy with.

Not saying that they are “lying” about following the rules like they would have pre-agent hiring. But I think the chance that someone decides to stay in the draft after the May deadline, get undrafted and comeback to be laughable.

Oh, you mean for undrafted combine invites? I would say that rule probably only applies to a very small number of kids right because so few people are invited to the combine, right? I would agree that if you opt to stay in the draft after the combine you are never coming back to school.


Social media, the best worst invention ever.


Iggy and Charles are gone for sure, so there’s one spot open regardless of what Poole does. If they get a commit from Quiones, they can accept it without any issues.


It will be interesting. Agents are rational, smart people who understand that going back to school may be in their client’s (any by extension, the agent’s) best interests. On the other hand, there is no guarantee under that scenario that the player would choose the same agent next time around.

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Best of luck to all three. Can’t ever fault someone for trying to make the move up and getting paid.

I’m sure Beilein and staff have a pretty good idea which of the three are definitely gone so they have a good idea about how many scholarships they have to recruit with in the next few months.

Not trying to imply they are excited about any of the three leaving, but I think the silver lining is they have the opportunity to recruit some specific needs. That might be a stretch to say given the limited talented pool they’ll have to choose from, but Beilein has proven he has an ability to adapt to early departures and transfers.


Totally agree with you Nick on that.

JP and Isiah are best friends so I wouldn’t rule out him returning at this early point.

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