Jon Teske commits

Officially committed to the University Of Michigan to play basketball!! #GoBlue

— Jon Teske (@JonTeske) August 7, 2014

Wow! Huge week for hoops and football recruiting. Go Blue!

Jag. A needed Jag though. Cant teach 7 feet. Welcome Jon Teske.

Well, that’s a nice surprise. Glad to get a likely 7 footer in the fold.

I know there’s little video of him (of which I have watched none), but what is the general consensus of Teske? What are his strengths/weaknesses/player comparison?

No idea…best we have to go off of is Dylans assessment from camp…Im sure Dylan will chime in.

Interesting that we took another big early. That kinda surprises me.

Full update on the front page.

It’s nice to finally get a big, shot-blocking center. I don’t think we need a center with an advanced offensive game, just one that can protect the paint and grab defensive boards, as well as play the “garbage man” role on offense, getting putbacks and finishing on the PnR.

He’s definitely got potential on offense too.

Suddenly down to three ships for next 2 classes…

Gotta love the Big man…to echo Ben’s statement…you cannot teach height! Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

Go Blue!

Averaged 5 blocked shots per game…I’ll take it. I’ve wanted a big that can alter shots for so long it isn’t funny.

Dylan - from the brief highlights and write-up, would it be fair to say that Teske has the potential to be a smaller version of Rick Smits?

We’re not down to 3 scholarships.

Next year, Bielfeldt will be gone, Caris will leave early, and Hatch will be a medical redshirt. So that’s three additional for 2015. My guess is we’ll either get a guy like Dozier, or bank it.

If we land Dozier, and all else remains the same, then we would have two more to give in 2016 as things stand (including the Teske commitment), because Spike will graduate. However, given the way our top recruits have developed in recent years, it would certainly not shock me to see any (or all) of Walton, Irvin, and Chatman gone by 2016. If two of the three are gone, we would have four additional scholarships to give in 2016 (maybe Thornton, Leaf, Battle/Langford, and Towns - a dream class to be sure, but who knows).

It’s too bad Horford didn’t stick around because it would have allowed us to redshirt Doyle this year and get perfect class balance.

Suddenly down to three ships for next 2 classes.......

Doubt Irvin and Walton make it to a 4th year


1 of Dozier/Ali(?)
1 of Towns/Leaf/Cook
1 of DTJR/Winston/Goodin/Ramsey
1 (2 if none in 2015) of Langford/Murray/Battle/Gordon/Towns/Guy
Hatch medical would give a 5th

I would not be shocked to see recruiting for 15 and 16 done by November

Agree with LAW…one or two of the three he mentioned will be gone by 2016. The team gets Tons of TV exposure and the stage is huge for these guys. Another run to 8 or 4 and we will lose these young men.

If Teske can block/alter shots and rebound, I could really care less about his offense to be honest. That alone will help this team tremendously

Just talked to Jon about his commit. Will have the full update. Coaches think he has the offensive skill to stretch the defense with the 15-footer, but also just love how well he moves for a 7-foot sophomore.

In Teske, Michigan is getting an improving offensive player with a soft-touch on his face up game. Very good rim protector block to block.

— Kurt J. Stubbs II (@Ohiohshoops) August 7, 2014

More coming shortly on Teske, but a skilled 6-foot-10 kid who really runs, a good start for Michigan's class

— Brian Snow (@BSnowScout) August 8, 2014

Great get for Michigan in landing Jon Teske. Long but mobile center w. great touch around bucket. Alot of room for growth within game/frame

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) August 8, 2014