John Beilein's Big Ten road record by opponent

Borrowing this from A2MIKE in the comments ( … starred teams are remaining on the schedule.

  • Maryland 0-2
  • Ohio State 1-8
  • Wisconsin 1-7
  • Indiana 1-6 **
  • Michigan State 2-6
  • Purdue 3-5
  • Iowa 3-5
  • Illinois 4-5
  • Northwestern 4-3 **
  • Penn State 5-3
  • Minnesota 6-1 **
  • Rutgers 1-0 **
  • Nebraska 3-0 **

Those 5 teams up top are painful to look at.

Michigan roster for the last time they won at Indiana

Stu Douglass
Zach Gibson
Kelvin Grady
Manny Harris
CJ Lee
Laval Lucas-Perry
David Merritt
Zack Novak
Jevohn Shepherd
DeShawn Sims
Anthony Wright

I can’t believe he’s only .500 in combined games against Illinois, Iowa, PSU and NW…

Winning on the road is tough… Mostly just posted this because I thought the Minnesota record was very interesting.

Wow, I remember having such high hopes for LLP…

I figure you missed the road game part of it.

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Nope I saw, just don’t remember losing so often on the road to that bottom group. At least not PSU and NW. I’d be curious to see the other coaches I consider top-tier in the league and their road records historically

PSU losses were 08, 09 and 13 so it has been a while.
NW losses a bit more recent 2015 2OT, 2011, 2010 (actually swept UM that year)

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I’m surprised we’ve won 6/7 @ Minnesota.

That Indiana team was terrible too. I believe that was Crean’s first year and they won 1 conference game.

A lot of the Northwestern and Penn State losses were early in his tenure at Michigan.

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That 2013 Penn State loss combined with the home loss to Indiana still has me saying WTF. Flip those 2 games and Michigan wins back to back to back B1G regular season crowns. Up 14 to a winless team with 7 minutes to go.

Those two games also served as a hell of a wakeup call for that team heading into the tourney.

The Minnesota domination has always been huge for Michigan. Critical late-season road wins in 2009 and 2011.

That game seems to hold the key to this season.

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I agree, especially since I believe Michigan will split their home games with Wisky and Purdue.

call me crazy, and I can’t believe I am saying this after the way he started conference play, but I don’t see Walton losing his last home game, no matter the opponent.

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I honestly feel we match up very well with Wisconsin and could win both home games remaining. At northwestern could be our lone remaining loss. Only thing, we must play like we have the past 2 games. HOPEFULLY we’ve turned a corner.

I think Purdue is our worst matchup in the Big Ten. Swanigan down low will be quite the load.


I think Wagner can do a solid job. Dj’s helpside d has gotten pretty decent and if not we will just double. Ward is a loaf down low and we handled him pretty well.