John Beilein's Big Ten road record by opponent

I dunno, I have the feeling where this is a game where Swanigan will get his and Michigan needs to shut down everyone else to win.

Got to make Swanigan move his feet and play defense. Hoping DJ can accomplish that.

Moe? Post defense? I’m not with ya there

I was looking at the boxscores from last year’s 3 games vs Purdue. DJ and Wagner played 38 minutes combined…like, all 3 games combined haha

I can’t imagine where we’d be this year without those two.

It’ll be really weird if/when Spike gets into the game!

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Watching the Indiana game again and his defense wasn’t that bad. Will he get abused if the post guy is allowed 4 dribbles, of coarse. Anyone defending a guy with that many dribbles will. He has gotten MUCH better at being more physical before his man gets the ball and it has shown recently.

I’d just settle for the refs cracking down on the chicken wings in the post. Those were rampant vs. Indiana.

Mo had a very legit appeal for a hook, against Bryant. For all of the whining Mo does, he does seem to frequently miss out on the benefit of the doubt. The two are probably related


YES. It’s the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome…Mo ends up on the wrong side of a lot of calls (i.e. Guy rolls his ankle and Moe’s called for foul, chicken wing, etc.)…but when you complain about the obvious ones, you lose so much benefit of the doubt.

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Hopefully that will improve in the tournament, as Michigan will see refs who are not familiar with Mo and will just call what they see.

Mo seems to get a bad whistle, but I’m not sure it’s because he whines. Plenty of players and coaches whine all the time and get better whistles. I think it’s more because (a) he’s the new kid and (b) he hasn’t figured out how to play the refs yet. Both those will change as time goes on. I bet he gets a much better whistle next year.