John Beilein will coach at Michigan "next season and in the years to come"



Great news!! Go Blue!



So do we think next week the extension is announced along with raises for the assistants? Nice job by Warde Manuel if so.


Yeaaaaaaaaaah! (and whew…)


Glad to just have been Super Soaked by coach and not gut punched.



Worth. Every. Penny.


JB knows how GREAT it is to be a MICHIGAN WOLVERINE.


I pretty much agree with this take.


Now we can get back to the business at hand of, “When will DJ Carton commit!” Lol


Absolutely was about the money. It never made sense at this point in his career with his age. Quinn thought it was a real possibility though haha.


Disagree with BigTenGeek, who can be a bit of an a-hole at times. I personally don’t think Beilein would give Michigan an ultimatum. I think he just thought of it as testing the waters like his players do.


Too funny !

Coach B one step ahead


I know Warde Manuel will take care of JB and the staff. Remember his previous job was @ UConn where basketball is the king sport of the University.


I agree with you. Normally I believe that athletes, the professional variety anyway, and those who coach them are grossly overpaid. This from a guy who has been involved in sports for essentially his entire life and who coached for a total of 67 sports seasons. BUT, in Coach B’s case, I really believe he is worth what they are paying him, not just because of the revenue he brings into the University of Michigan, but for what he represents. He develops and molds young men into high quality players and adults. He is certainly a role model for them and they in turn are role models for aspiring young athletes who watch them, idolize them, and will come after them. Coach B is also a tremendous role model for young coaches, too, or he should be. I am ecstatic that this exceptional gentleman and coach will be leading our program and developing young athletes at MICHIGAN for the next five years! Thank you Coach B. Thank you Warde Manuel. GO BLUE!!!


This coulda been about money, this also could be a few factors.

Warde always said he was gonna have to give JB a raise (said it at final four). From a PR perspective though, he helps out his guy Josh Bartlestein, he gets his assistants a raise, he raises his recruiting profile, he gets experience with NBA process and makes more connections. Not saying he and Warde did this all with PR in mind, but I don’t think this was a rogue, on a wim move by JB and Michigan.

If you knew you had a contract extension coming (acknowledge by both sides), why not use the narrative to increase the brand and tell a compelling story.


I agree with this much more than I would agree with the “take” that says, “It’s about the money” exclusively. Not having ever been rich financially, I honestly don’t know how one could spend $3.77 million, so “slightly less than four million” doesn’t seem to be particularly excessive, nothing one would “hold out” for, especially considering that a raise was promised and coming anyway. I definitely think it’s about doing what he counsels his players to do as it relates to “the process.” It’s about promoting the Michigan brand. It’s about being able to tell recruits, as I said elsewhere, “I tested the waters and I was in demand, but I’ve got the BEST damn coaching job in America at Michigan, and this is where I’m gonna be.” I also think Coach B did want to ensure that Warde really was willing to “pay up” for the assistants, and I think we’ll soon hear about nice raises for them, too. However it went down, I’m pretty ecstatic, as I’m sure all Michigan basketball fans are.


This seems to be a questionable application of the occam’s razor heuristic. The assumption appears to be that JB acts in order to obtain the most money. The next Pistons coach will make more than whatever JB will make even after his raise. Thus, accepting the assumption as true and making no other assumptions, wouldn’t occam’s razor indicate that JB’s interest in the Pistons job was genuine as he could obtain the most money that way?


Great news !!!

If JB did interview with the Pistons to increase his negatiation position there isn’t anything wrong with that, more power to him.