John Beilein will coach at Michigan "next season and in the years to come"


Huzzah! From what I’ve been reading so far it sounds like beyond the pure salary numbers, there are details in this new agreement that we may not see which were factors. Whatever the cas emay be, I’m glad we have Beilein for longer.


That’s definitely a fair interpretation. I mostly just agree with the concept that JB was never seriously going to take the Pistons job. As days went on it seemed that almost every major writer was taking the angle of “this is serious interest and he’s not just in it for the money”…which was probably true. But at the same time, I never got the sense that anyone anywhere made a realistic case for why Beilein would ever leave Michigan for the Pistons


I would’ve been surprised if JB actually took the Pistons job too.


Great thinking


Thank god. The future is bright. Go Blue!


Beilein is back as I thought he would be and I am very thankful and glad that he is.





A+ Beilein quotes article from 247. Tons of great info on the Pistons stuff, Matthews stuff, adjusting style wise as a coach, his assistants, etc.

I particularly liked this section:

There’s some things that we’re not changing. If you’re not going to be a good teammate, you ain’t playing at Michigan. If you’re not going to talk, or get in the stance or hit the open man, there’s certain absolutes in basketball.

You earn that rope in practice, you don’t earn that rope in games. Show me the money in practice, and you’ll get some rope in games. And it has to happen in every practice all the time. Jordan Poole is working at trying to extend that rope. He’s working hard and he’s doing a great job at extending. It might be a bit of a bungee cord right now, it might snap back every now and then, but he and Isaiah and Jon and all these guys, they get that.

People say the dudes never get a chance, they get a chance for two hours every day in practice. If you can’t shoot in practice with a manager in your face, you don’t get this green light in games. But show it to me every day in practice, and it’s going to be really green.


There’s about 45 minutes of podcast to listen to on this. Beilein and Sam have good rapport


Great interview. So happy to have John Beilein as Michigan’s coach.


Sam had “ranted” (his word) on his show the day before that in eleven years Coach B had not appeared live on his show in the studio. That proved not to be true per Coach B, and he saw Sam that night and said, “Sam, I have been interviewed in your studio once, but once is not enough in the eleven years I’ve been the coach at Michigan, I’ll stop by tomorrow.” It was a great interview, and well worth a listen for anyone who can get the podcast!