Chris Collins attempting to hire Billy Donlon away from Michigan

No idea where to put this but uh…

Donlon would replace Pat Baldwin, who left to take the head coaching job at Milwaukee.

So LaVall getting the Butler job not only results in Michigan losing one assistant but it could cost them two assistants? That’s some Beilein luck right there.


That would stink. Hate to lose two assistants in the same offseason again. At least last year, it was for head coaching opportunities. This time it would be lateral moves at best but I guess there are special circumstances with Meyer and Butler and Donlon and Northwestern. Hope we can convince Donlon to stay though, if possible.

At least Beilein does have a pretty good track record of hiring assistants. It will be put to the test again.


Well Greenstein is a noted Michigan hater so hopefully he is just throwing this against the wall and its not a real likelihood.

I don’t take this as having any likelihood of happening

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Why would anyone leave UM for a lateral move at NW?

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I understand Donlon has some NWestern history but with Collins being so young and JB more in the twilight of his career… staying the course here seems to be the best chance to slide into the big chair. Plus IMO it’s a much better big chair. No?


I think the appropriate hot take here is that it gives him a chance to “go home” and assist a guy he’s described as his “big brother”. I’ll stop with the “air quotes” now.

What, if any, rules are there to poaching another coach?
Not that I mind it, but does Beilein adhere to different ethical rules on this than others?

If not, I’d love to throw some money at Mike Mennenga - we could probably offer some good money and he’d be closer to home. Bring more of those Toronto kids our way!

Collins is younger but who is more likely to have moved on from their current job within the next 2 years or so? Collins will be a target for major coaching jobs going forward. Only way JB leaves is if he retires.

But yeah, it is a lateral move and i imagine Michigan will make it worth his while (ie $$$) to stick in Ann Arbor.

Indeed. That’s the first thing I thought when the Meyer news hit this week.

[quote=“bacon141, post:10, topic:2765, full:true”]
Collins is younger but who is more likely to have moved on from their current job within the next 2 years or so? Collins will be a target for major coaching jobs going forward. Only way JB leaves is if he retires.[/quote]
NW had better have a better season this year than last year and I’m not sure that’s a certainty. Of course, if he wants a gig at a Missouri-level school that backs up the Brinks truck, that’s a possibility for him any offseason based on name value alone.

He took N’W to their first NCAA tournament ever. His stock will not go down IMO if they miss the tourney this year. That is no small feat. Another solid season (which for N’W is NCAA bubble or better), and he could be in for a big pay raise and a better job.

To add a level of intrigue, is Donlon the lead recruiter on Nance?

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Just read the notebook…

So we’re really gonna lose Donlon wow that’s insane

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Yea that is a blow to the program and an odd development. I get that Donlon has ties to NW and Collins but leaving so quickly makes me think there may be some philosophical or personality differences with JB or we aren’t paying our assistants well enough. I’m not sure which would be more concerning.

IMO, JB gave more free reign in games to Donlon than I’ve ever seen him give to other assistants. And you could definitely see his increased influence over the course of the season.

Sam Webb said we offered a raise. And Donlon already made more than any other assistant under JB. Don’t think money was an issue at all.

Definitely a blow. But I think you’re reading into things that aren’t even there. Donlon is from the area, his family is in the area and he’s good friends with Collins and there’s potentially a shorter pathway to being a HC at a high major school there.

Has anyone heard any names of potential candidates to join the staff, haven’t seen anything since Meyer moved on and even more interesting now with 2 spots. Think he has to move somewhat fast with the July period around the corner. Wonder if that gives Chris Hunter a better chance at getting one of the spots.

I’m really hoping one of the two can be that “defensive coordinator” like Donlon was. You could see the difference that made at the end of the year.

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Agreed. I think that’s the most important thing. Find someone that can coach the pack line defense that Donlon did. The other assistant, I’m looking for a quality recruiter with MW ties.