Jaylen Brown - Will Likely Use OV for UM

Just wondering...do we have a legitimate chance at Brown?

Not until he visits.

Even then, probably not, seems like he’ll end up at UNC.

Does any of this have to do with the recent flurry of (re)talking about the North Carolina academic issues? Or is that commonly known as a non-issue to recruits?

Just curious if that might cause NC guys to keep a backup plan.

Yeah, not that he’ll be in school that long, but gotta wonder how stuff like this impacts his decision.

Brown started the season off with a bang, literally. Man this kid is a special talent.

Footage from Jaylen Brown in his season opener. This kid’s combination of size, skill, and athleticism is simply tantalizing. I would actually prefer him to DT based talent/skill alone, but he’s going to be a one and done, so I prefer DT for long term purposes. There is nothing this kid can’t do on the court. He’s a more talented/athletic Jabari Parker, and that is scary.

Wheeler (GA) F Jaylen Brown (@FCHWPO): 34 PTS, 23 REB in a win over Walton. #2015Elite @gameeliteatl

— Prep Circuit (@PrepCircuit) December 7, 2014


The game vs NJIT should turn the heat up on Jaylen Brown so hot that they should refuse to lose this kid at all costs.

Also, do you see any possibility at a 5th year transfer into the program?

Generally speaking, I’m not too confident in our ability to recruit truly elite players…we just seem to miss out on those type of players. Transfers are another story…they seem to give us a decent look if they are known commodities from the 3 point line, so I think that is a possibility, although nothing seems to be on the horizon since it’s so early in the season.

Very few “truly elite” are recruitable without some “extra incentives” we can’t offer. Josh Jackson is a guy people were clamoring for us to recruit and I think now they are starting to understand why insiders have always maintained he’s not recruitable. Heck, even Kentucky is leery of him.

It is somewhat encouraging that Brown reached out to us, but I’ll believe he takes an official visit when I
see it.

We need this kid bad. Hopefully we stay in touch and show him he can be the man next year with an awesome supporting cast around him.

To be honest… I replied to the wrong thread. Meant to be in the one about tickets for tonight’s game.

C’mon Dylan…you had my hopes up! In any event, new film on Brown…seriously, this kid playing in HS isn’t even fair, how do you contain a 6’7 kid with a college ready body, elite athleticism, range out to 23-24 feet, and elite handle/change of direction? I think my comparison to a more atheltic/better handle Jabari Parker is spot on after watching this new film. Watch the jab step, followed by midrange jumper that is quite similar to Jabari/Carmelo

Agree with everything except the elite handle.

Any news with Brown or Wagner?

Rather have news on JH at this point…fingers crossed

Brown says he will "definitely visit UM…seems to have a tentative visit set up for January (Wisc. maybe) but couldn’t really ascertain based on interview context

In the meantime, here’s some new footage from Brown at the City of Palms Classic over the weekend. BDW - I know you don’t think he has an elite handle/change of direction…I beg to differ. Haven’t seen many guys that size handle the ball/change direction that well

LA - man I hope you are right that playing time is the factor that has been holding us back…there is PLENTY of PT for Brown next year…plenty

We need 1-2 guys like this on the roster…where you don’t need any off ball movement, no screens…just get him the ball and there is basically nothing the opposition can do to stop him. Man this kid is good…he took it to Harry Giles yesterday at the City of Palms…film below

Like @UAbasketball ELITE 24, Jaylen Brown is the MVP. 28 pts/11 rbs Wheeler wins. Brown vs Simmons 8:45 pm Tues pic.twitter.com/wHFGtK7U8Y

— Brandon Clay (@BrandonClayPSB) December 23, 2014

Brown won MVP of the City of Palms Championship game last night. Went up against Ben Simmons (consensus #1 player in 15 class) and lit him up. This kid has put in work against Ben Simmons, VJ King, Harry Giles, Kobi Simmons, Malik Monk…this kid is an absolute stud. It is really fun watching him play. I can only pray that somehow he ends up in Ann Arbor. Film below of the matchup vs. Ben Simmons

Jaylen Brown finished with 25 points, 12 rebounds, & 6 assists in a tournament MVP like performance #CityofPalms

— NextUpRecruits.com (@NextUpRecruits) December 24, 2014

I’m generally skeptical of recruiting these sort of top 15 talents. No doubt Brown is a great player, but I think maybe 10% of these recruitments are clean and I know that after the Ed Martin scandal, our basketball program has a mandate to avoid anything even remotely fishy.

Hopefully Brown’s is one of the 10%. It’s encouraging his family reached out to us. Hopefully they know what we’re about and are still interested.

New film on Brown from over the break at the Adidas unrivaled. I think there were a fe that claim he does’t have elite change of direction/handle. I don’t many players in the world that have a better handle at that size to be honest.

Ok, anyone else see what Brian Snow posted re: Brown and Michigan a couple days ago? Wow… Good grief if Beilein ever pulled this off.